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Son, We made it! I know that there are going to be people that try to correct me on that statement, "We" didn't do it..., "I" did it. They are wrong. I'm just talking to you right now little guy. Don't pay attention to... Read More

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    xD LMAO

    ur little guy is so lucky to have a very understanding, hardworking, cool, caring, loving....(or what so ever) MOM like YOU!!

    ur not alone,, .. God is always with u^^

    God Bless!

    p.s. Damn! ur story really makes me LMAO.... its so funny hehe ^^ what an adventure^^ :P
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    This was so incredibly sweet. My son and I have been through hard times on my road to becoming a nurse. Your letter was so touching that I cried. I am sure he will look back at it one day and love you even more for the sacrifices you made for him.
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    My mom was a single mom who worked and went to school while raising me. Thank you for giving me a glimpse into what her world must have been like. Your story brought tears to my eyes.

    I agree - you ought to save this one for him.
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    I salute you!
    You are an inspiration to others. Thank you!
    Congratulations on your impending marriage and I wish you, your soon to be DH, and your precious son, every happiness and success in the future.
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    Been down that I read your story, My heart felt so heavy for you..I had forgotten how hard it was. I had 2 girls, 6 and 8, when I graduated. There is nothing like the faces of a child to motivate a mother. My white cap goes off to you make the transition into your accomplished career, please take this to live, don't live to work....exhale.... fellow nurse, you did it.... welcome aboard
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    Thank you. I hope to be there myself in the coming years. You have made it to the point where I hope to be. Not just for me, but especially for my son (he's 12 now). Thank you again, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!
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    Congratulations to you both, that was close to the bone...XXX
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    Your article is just what I needed today. Right now I am in the same situation you were in when you started your BSN.....

    Your article made me cry, not because it was sad, but because it speaks volumes about all the single moms out there trying to teach their little boys the right path to follow.

    You are a valedictorian in my eyes, thank you for your touching words.
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    LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the post. I too can relate to all the things you went through for your education. Many times, the only thing that kept me going was my son and the fact I wanted a better life for both of us. Congrats on everything, and enjoy house shopping. I just bought my very first home, and I can't wait to move in.
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    I am a dude and I read that crying. You summed up how I feel about the sacrifices my little boy is making. Congratulations on your graduation and congratulations on being a world class mother.
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