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Ok, I know what I did was not right and I am not here to get flamed about it but just asking for advice. Here is what happened. I work nights 7p-7a. It is really busy until about 2 am. There are some computers at the... Read More

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    If other staff use the Internet at work, then the facility cannot single you out!! Perhaps you need a Labor Relations Lawyer.

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    Surfing the internet, even on work time, is not yet a crime.
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    ok...from a management perspective I would say this...

    If this is a rule, but abuse is rampant, then the employer likely does not "value" the rule highly...

    So, they would likely use this infraction to fire you if they had other complaints, concerns, or questions about your capacity as a nurse. If, however, you are a valued employee they are likely not going to fire you because their investigation is going to show them that this very activity is occurring on shifts and days that you were not even in the building. Having said that, there are some management styles who would throw a good nurse under the bus for a non-clinical matter without some remediation process.

    I have worked for an employment system which took Internet usage by staff VERY seriously. They literally had a ZERO tolerance attitude. I know of several people who were immediately fired for using their computers (on-line) for personal matters. Most of the time, if you work for an organization which feels this strongly about internet usage that fact is stressed in the orientation.
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    If they pull up that computer, they will see all the internet sites and usage for that log in. Surely they will understand that you could not be responsible for surfing when you were not even physically in the building. OTOH if they are looking for reasons to get rid of anyone, they have a reason now. I'm sorry for the whole situation. I have no good advice for you, I'm sorry. I hope for the best outcome for you!
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    Next time NEVER, NEVER ever do anything under anyone else's log in and log yourself out when you walk away. EVERY TIME, no exceptions! Computer security (even without tracing surfing) is a huge issue in every institution, and in my experience, doctors and nurses are very careless about guarding their access. Think about if someone accessed a pt file under your name - HIPPA - so take this as a hard lesson learned. All of us need to learn from your difficult situation.

    Good Luck.
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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    Surfing the internet, even on work time, is not yet a crime.
    It may not be a crime, but it may be against hospital policy. It may as well be a crime in that case.
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    Is banning internet access common in other hospitals? that seems really irresponsible given the amount we use the internet as a resource for patient care where I work.
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    OP and members. You all know we can't give medical or LEGAL advice. This member has the right to know this. I'm closing this for admin discussion.

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