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I am going to be graduating with an ADN in May and I am currently super confused about which area of nursing I want to go into. I have worked as a nurses aid in resource pool at my local hospital for about a year now & have been... Read More

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    You might find you truly (and unexpectedly) live the area in which you find yourself. I wanted to do critical care but found that I really love med-surg!

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    Since you say you are burnt out on wiping butts, giving baths, do not go into any ICU setting (MICU/SICU, CCU, CVICU, NICU, PICU etc). You will do this more in ICU than you will in any other area in the hospital since the RN is responsible for total care (no CNA's at all, though there are ICUs that have a CNA or two).

    Just wanted to help you narrow down your options. Cosmetic surgery RN is a pretty rare option, and will likely not be available as a new RN, but you can try if there's an opening. Doesn't hurt.

    Also, this goes without saying, but you will be wiping butts in all areas of the hospital. Part of our job. Not just the CNA's job, our job to help them transfer, get the patient OOB, etc. Regardless of how you were treated as a CNA, do not be the nurse that doesn't help the CNA. That's just not right.
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