shooting up in the palms? why?

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    I've had two patients admitted recently for I&Ds of the hand. Both were early 20s and shooting drugs into the palms of their hands. Both also had very pretty veins in their arms. Anyone know why they are using their palms instead of veins? This second one will be lucky if he gets to keep his finger. Gross.

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    Harder to spot tracks on the palms, I'd guess. So they're doing IM? That's gonna lead to a lot of fibrotic tissue, I bet.
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    They both had these obvious little holes all over their palms, I suppose because of the fact that they're shooting this junk straight into the tissue so they don't close well. Patient 1 came down hard and slept through my shift. Refused to answer any questions. Patient 2 is in denial. So I don't really know what the deal is. One of my coworkers said they have a reason they do it in their palms and there's a name for it, but she didn't remember either the reason or the name, lol.
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    It is easier to hide. I have also seen a lot of people shoot up in their feet. In my area, heroin is the drug of choice. Some people use up all the other veins and get scar tissue making it harder to hit, so they keep moving around. We saw one lady who shot up in her face.
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    I just shuddered at the thought of needling your hand to give yourself recreational drugs. :uhoh21:
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    I had a patient once that had a nasty infection from IV drugs, surgeon said he tells all his patients with this particular problem that they should take the needle off and shoot the heroin (or drug of choice) into their anus, he said it is so vascular that they get a pretty good high off it without getting those nasty infections. He said it was called anal bumping. Not exactly an answer to the question, but I thought it was interesting that the surgeon readily gave advise on alternative ways to shoot up.
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    I think it's great that he's acknowledging that they're probably gonna keep doing it, so why not try to reduce at least some of the risk factors.

    And honestly? I NE.VER. would have thought of that. Gawd, the things you learn in medicine . . .
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    Now that the per rectal route has been mentioned here, I remembered reading and seeing some tv coverage on the subject of young folks now engaging in beer and 80 proof liqour being used much like an enema. They say it absolutely gets them drunk without the belly bloat from the beer or the burn down the throat drinking it straight. I certainly can understand the rational the surgeon has and the alternate way to get drunk, but wouldn't engaging in this long term cause some serious damage to the mucous membrane lining?
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    Not that I would but I could hit some great veins in my hands so I could see why they go there.
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    Things are absorbed more rapidly when taken rectally. They could OD quickly, why would anyone suggest that? Maybe I'm just out of the loop on this, but I was under the impression that this was incredibly taboo since the guy died when his wife gave him the sherry enema?
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