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I am a nurse who is only trained in OB, and for the past few months I've been looking for clinic work and/or a job that has more "bankers' hours". I applied for a job as an infusion nurse at an... Read More

  1. by   kids
    Quote from klone
    So I'm just totally at a loss as to what happened. Any ideas?
    My best guess would be that the Nurse Manager vetoed you for a more qualified applicant and the Clinic Manager isn't terribly organized.
  2. by   netglow
    Klone, I totally feel that "no call after the hot date". I myself just had an extremely hot date.

    Thing is that, if it is a specialty that you haven't done before, you kind of cannot help feeling you want to "gear up" for it... do a little reviewing etc. in case you get an offer and you need to start pretty quickly. But, you do really know better than to do that. It is soooooo exhausting. You take it somewhat to heart if you think you might want to work at a place and, if you have interviewed at some real loser places just prior.
  3. by   RosesRN
    Hi OP, be persistent! Get back in front of their face. Show them and tell them you want the position still. Good luck!
  4. by   NurseHopefulInOH
    That exact thing happened to me at a surgical center. I came back to "shadow" and meet the employees. The Drs there talked to me like I was already hired. I called and e-mailed when I didn't hear anything back and she said we will def let you know sometime soon! I ended up calling 2 more times with no response. At least let ppl know you have chosen someone else!! Just shoot a e-mail at the very least but I guess they just don't care! rude imo
  5. by   Jules A
    At the very least it is rude! Congratulations on your job.
  6. by   LoveMyBugs
    Quote from rn/writer
    Maybe the office manager is the one they don't like. She could be on her way out the door, so anyone she made nice with would either be considered tainted or the rest of the people in the office wouldn't even know about them.

    And she's not going to call you back to say, "I'm on thin ice here, so I can't give you any information until I find out if I still have a job."

    I'd say there's about a 90% chance that this discombobulation has nothing to do with you.

    Congrats on getting another job. You really didn't want to work at an office that's this mixed up.

    Something like that happened to me. It was for an OB clinic, I had a great interview, great raport with the manager, I followed up with a Thank you card, she said that I would hear from her come Friday as that is when they would make any decisions. Friday came and went, so Monday I called to inquire and come to find out the Manager who I interviewed with she was let go on Friday
    Of course I didn't get the job and I would have never heard back because the manager never told anyone she was interviewing
  7. by   klone
    Quote from RosesRN
    Hi OP, be persistent! Get back in front of their face. Show them and tell them you want the position still. Good luck!
    I would not take it now if it was offered to me, as I already accepted a job with another facility. So getting in their faces about it would serve no purpose other than satisfying my curiosity and I have too much self-respect to continue to pester them (same way I would not want to keep calling the guy who never called me back after the hot date).
  8. by   klone
    And thank you to everyone for the well wishes on my new job! It's with a very well-respected facility, doing something that I think will be extremely interesting and will look great on a resume, several years down the road. Plus, I really really like the women I will be working with, which is so important to me in being happy in a job.
  9. by   wyogypsy
    Either they are not interested in you or they are extremely unorganized. I would be hesitant to work there if they did offer the job at this point! If it is that bad before you get hired, you can only imagine what it is like on a daily basis.........