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  1. Hi OP, be persistent! Get back in front of their face. Show them and tell them you want the position still. Good luck!
  2. yes, 1100 people applied for 20 positions. They were only interviewing 85. So we have 1 in 4 chance of getting hired after this first interview. They stressed that the positions would be on a variety of med-surg floors, nights, 5 eight hour shifts per week, half will be benefited and half will not (at least it is paid, I heard Stanford new residency programs were unpaid for a year, 40 hours per week!), $50/hr. WH wants a 2 year commitment. The training will be class time and then floor time, and class time and floor time, then class time, then we will be released. 2-3 months of training. I was surprised I got an interview. This was the first interview I have had-- I have been applying for jobs since March. So it was nice to finally get some recognition after filling out electronic application after application and not hearing any word. If we get invited to the second interview next week, they could let us know less than 24 hours in advance.
  3. RosesRN

    Washington Hospital FREMONT

    did you get hired? I was wondering how you like it and how the interviews went!
  4. RosesRN

    Washington Hospital Fremont, New Grad

    any tips on the interview? I have an initial interview coming up.
  5. Good Luck All!
  6. Good Luck Everyone :redpinkhe:redpinkhe:w00t::w00t:
  7. RosesRN

    Bay Area new RNs!

    I graduated Dec 2010, just starting to look. I'd be happy to hear of anything too!
  8. RosesRN

    Aesthetics Nursing

    Hello everyone! I found an MD who runs a med-spa near the Delaware and Maryland border who offers hands on training for botox and dermal fillers. She charges, but from what I have heard from everyone, hands on training is better than a paper certification. Nurses in Maryland will soon be able to do injectables, in Delaware they already allow it. But you have to work in the same office as an MD.
  9. RosesRN

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    i tried the credit card trick to reschedule, but it wouldnt let me, so I felt a little happy that i might have passed. i paid $8 on pearson vue on Saturday Morning, I took the NCLEX on Thursday.... and I passed! I used a little bit of the questions on a Saunders disc...i do not recommend that, they were so basic....i used ATI/CARP it is a program my school uses, and it was almost exactly like the NCLEX if a little harder. good luck!!
  10. RosesRN

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I channeled Florence Nightingale to help me ;0)
  11. RosesRN

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I just took the NCLEX today, it shut off after 75 questions. I got in the top 1% on the HESI, and 70% on the practice exams....sooooo I am taking this as a good sign. I also tried the "pop up" trick, and I was not able to put in my credit card info. I can't wait to get my credentials behind my name....still a little nervous, no champagne for me yet!!!!!!
  12. RosesRN

    Jobless in Seattle

    Cool! Well good luck! Childrens or Swedish post new jobs on twitter they said. And I know a natural health practitioner if you are interested in part time work. Research functional medicine.
  13. RosesRN

    Jobless in Seattle

    Hi itri4vt, Have you already endorsed your license? I decided I wouldn't waste my time anymore by applying to places without that, and while I lived out of state. I talked to various recruiters and hospitals and they encouraged me to that. I actually have been entertaining going back to my hometown in CA where I have friends, family and a part time health care job waiting for me.....so I take the Maryland NCLEX tomorrow, then once I get to CA at the end of the month (with MD license in hand) I will go straight to Sacramento to apply for the temp license...it costs an extra $50...totaling $200. Then I will apply to jobs once everything is all set up. Good luck to you!!!! :redbeathe
  14. RosesRN

    Interest in becoming an Aesthetic RN in CA

  15. RosesRN

    Aesthetics Nursing

    I just spoke with the board of nursing in Maryland and Delaware...Maryland has legislation that is approved but is waiting to be signed by the new Secretary to take effect that would allow RNs to do botox and dermal fillers with a physician present. Delaware already allows RNs to do those injections, but again, with a physician present. I am contacting a few doctors I know that do plastics and have a medispa to see if they will train me.
  16. RosesRN

    BOTOX/Dermal Filler Training

    A nurse should start a business training others how to inject! woo!