S/O of 'just not that into you' - want feedback from other nurses as to what happened - page 3

I am a nurse who is only trained in OB, and for the past few months I've been looking for clinic work and/or a job that has more "bankers' hours". I applied for a job as an infusion nurse at an infectious disease clinic. Going... Read More

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    And thank you to everyone for the well wishes on my new job! It's with a very well-respected facility, doing something that I think will be extremely interesting and will look great on a resume, several years down the road. Plus, I really really like the women I will be working with, which is so important to me in being happy in a job.

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    Either they are not interested in you or they are extremely unorganized. I would be hesitant to work there if they did offer the job at this point! If it is that bad before you get hired, you can only imagine what it is like on a daily basis.........

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