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Just out of curiosity ...what is the typical paycheck of an RN. starting wage around here is $25-30 per hour, I'm curious what most nurses make after taxes?... Read More

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    Quote from ashley0511
    Thank you! The percentage is just what I'm looking for ! Its terrible how much pay is taken from nurses, sheesh!
    The amount of pay that is taken from you is based on your income level, not your profession. I pay more in taxes than the guy who pumps my gas because I make more money than him. The CEO of my organization pays more taxes than I do for the same reason.

    As others have said, there are MANY factors that affect one's net pay. Cost of benefits, W4 exemptions, etc. My hourly wage is technically less at my current job than it was at my last job but my net pay is the same or more because now I pay less for benefits and my mileage reimbursement more or less covers the cost of them and I'm claiming my W4 exemptions.

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  2. 0 -- click 'Hourly Paycheck Calculator'

    You can enter your location, hourly rate, hours worked per week/s, and even deductions to get an estimate.

    e.g. at $25/hr in TX (no state income tax) for 72 hrs per 2 week pay period --> ~$1390

    Remember this does not include benefits: medical/dental, retirement savings, etc.

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