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Problems.. problems... grumble grumble

  1. 0 Hi everybody... I've gots me a problem...
    but, first, let me pose a question:
    What would you do?
    ok.. now, to the body of this matter...

    I work with a nurse... We're gonna call her Ms. X. (I know, very original, but if I use her name, knowing my luck I'll get hit with slander charges...)
    Ms. X is an RN. she is on the older end of nurses... (no offence to anyone,not old... but older than I am... but she is about 55 or so)
    I absolutly despise getting report from her... why? I hear you ask... because getting report from her means that I'll be doing 2 shifts worth of dressings/treatments/orders and whatnot in my measley 7.5 paid hours... but, with anything.. I have spoken to my mngr about this specific prob, and Ms X has been spoken to...
    Now, what really gets my goat is that she COMPLAINS TO ME that a patient (I'm gonna start quoting here...)'is really such a pain in the neck-- they rang 3 times, once for pain pills (pt is 1 wk post op for total knee replacement) and kept me in the room because she wanted to know what the side effects were and what the med was... I mean, she can go and look it up somewhere, cant she?oh well.. but she rang again asking for assistance to go to the bathroom. What nerve, so I gave her a bedpan. Sheesh. Plus, she even ASKED for a basin of H2O, washcloth, and some SOAP along with a FRESH PITCHER OF Icewater. Where does she get off asking me for all this stuff... I mean, geez...dosent she have a family or something... Oh yeah... and she's constipated too. What a mess... i got this fleets order at 1PM(its 3 now) so, I figured that it was too late for me to do it so I left it for you.'
    and it goes on and on and on...
    Dont get me wrong-- I know I am busy, but stupid little things (maybe not stupid per se, but easy to take care of things) are VERY IMPORTANT to the patients...
    Lord knows, I'd rather use the rolling commode and wheel her to the BR than wipe her arse and clean a BEDPAN... but, she does not pick up her orders, and when she attempts to do it, its done halfway and screwed up seriously... Amazing amount of transcription errors... Then, she doesnt do any of her dressings, figuring that I can do them... BULL POOPIES!!! Dont get me wrong, but, if you're 10 minutes late to your lunch OR breakfast break (they get both... how, I'll never know, but they Accomplish NADA all day) to do a tx... FINE... AT LEAST YOURE GETTING A BREAK.
    And now, during all this mess, the floor gets 9 admits, which according to the 12 hour nurse on the other unit, she's been calling and calling, but the nurse hasnt been around... I trust the other nurse-- we've been good friends since we were kids!!!
    So where was Ms X-- breakfast, lunch, and Cig breaks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But fine... I'm only geting 3 admits, 16 hrs of tx to do... a pt who keeps attempting to pull out his trach, who they wont write an order for restraints or a 1:1 because we need to lessen the amount of restraints on the unit... Eventually, he gets it out... a patient who is spitting up blood, 2 knee replacements, one who just got pos dx of ACTIVE SHINGLES and needs to be isolated but is refusing to go who's roommate is insisting that she does not have to leave as she has already had the'pox' who's husband keeps sneaking in the 2month old baby to visit mommy in the Hospital next to this nice old INFECTIOUS lady... 16 million charts... trach care 10 minutes before it gets pulled out.... which looks like it hasnt been cleaned in ages!!! then, after that, some pin care to a patient who has easily 15 pins in each leg who insists that each pin be dressed individually who has such a thick jamacian accent that I can barely understand... a brand new out of school RN who Barely speaks english... who cannot read a freaking word of english, and cant make out a word the MDs with foul handwriting can read, So then the first admit gets there during dinner, and I do the admit to the level I can as I am an LPN, and pass to the RN... pt 2 doesnt come up till 2245 where shift changes at 2300!!! and nights has the audacity to whine about haveing 2 admits to do along with their 14 notes each on patients who I've already medicated for sleep and pain and whatnot...
    but, whatever... I can deal...
    ok... enough of this... I'm just P'd off seriously big time...
    Alrighty then...
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    Gee Barbara, I forgot the question.Sound like a hell of a shift!Oh right,back to Ms.X.Sounds like she has been on fire for a long time and is smouldering(my way of saying burnt out).It seems as if part of the problem is that she works days and I know that nights and evening shifts work just as hard(I work nights)but maybe she is just frustrated by her inability to get things done.We tend to blame the pts for being pains in the butts when we feel overwhelmed. Or maybe she is just a witch.It's hard sometimes when we have to take care of so many pts,be their NURSE and be their PCA/CNA as well.With understaffing the poor aides are overworked as well (Some though just are hard to locate when they are hiding out asleep somewhere).We CAN put pts on bedpans and bring water and give oral care and baths and bring linens and snacks,however,the CNA CANNOT give our meds or assessments or chart for us or do treatments etc...
    I don't have any valuable advice for you but I feel for you.If you truly thing that Ms.X is neglecting or harming patients then I'm all for writing her up and taking it to management.The main thing that I think drives you nuts is not the work left for you,but the fact that Ms X is not caring for them as you would like her to .You sound like a very caring and conscientios nurse.
    Did venting help?
    Good luck.
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    Occurance reports, anecdotal reports.....write it all down. But don't be surprised if she writes you up too. I don't believe there is much worse than a lazy nurse. It makes us all look bad doesn't it.

    Right now I think you need a big old hug.....
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    Treatments not done as scheduled are errors and should be written up. If this is a repeated offense, then I'd throw neglect in too and not doing them one day due to situation is not nearly as bad as doing this routinely. Sounds to me like this nurse is too tired and unorganized to cut it and needs to take a less stressful position somewhere. I used to work with a nurse like this in the last LTC facilty where I worked. One day my cork just blew and I lite into her when she started giving me a list of all the things that she hadn't gotten done for ther day, as this was a daily thing but she always had time to do stupid things like aggervate the CNA's. I told her you are not leaving until this is resolved and I got on the phone and called my ADON. Up until this point I had never bucked "authority" so to speak and had pretty much kept my mouth shut. This nurse was famous for doing this, especially to younger nurses. I requested my ADON's immediate presence and she asked what it was in reference to. I told her point blank, within the next few minutes she could have one less nurse working there and if she didn't come down immediately there would be two. I called this nurse into a room with ADON present and told her that all of the nurses were sick and tired of picking up the jobs she never seemed to have the time to do, yet she could bagger the CNA's all day and keep reminding them of her over whelming importance. I told her that if she continued to make a practice of passing her work off on everyone else that I would promptly notify state because she was completely out of compliance all the time and we were not there to save her from working, we were there to take care of the residents not cover her butt. MY ADON just sat there with a rather stunned but amused look on her face and never said a word. Many nurses had complained about this woman but everone just worked themselves crazy trying to do her work and theirs. I told her I would not make up her work and I told my ADON I was not trying to be difficult but if she felt I was in the wrong I would gladly submit my resignation effective "5 minutes ago". The ADON knew I meant do disrespect to her and she totally knew where I was coming from. Perhaps I did this the wrong way but the ultimate outcome solved the problem. She was told to complete her scheduled work and leave and if she choose not to do it, that was the equal of her resignation. Two days later, I reported for work but was met at the door by my ADON. I was told I couldn't report to my hall until this nurse had left the building because she had caused quite a problem, all of which was my fault according to her, how dare I say all those mean things to her. I had to wait in the Chapel until she was excorted off the grounds. I hate to loose my temper and I don't do it often but this nurse just made a habit of shirking her duties and trying to bully everyone else into covering up for her. None of what I said was done out in the open, it all occurred behind closed doors with the ADON as a witness, so she couldn't later say I had threated her bodily harm which was something I feel she would have tried to get me fired. You have to be careful about confronting anyone, especially these days BUT she is neglecting her patients and NOT fulfilling her job as she should. Good luck and be sure you keep copies of anything you decide to submit as proof of what you actually said.
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    Write her lazy ass up- If it really as bad as you say, I would talk to your nurse manager- like someone else said, maybe she needs to go work where she can keep up with the pace. I feel for you...
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    Barbara, I hate to say this, but writing her up probably won't change anything, and it's just more paperwork you have to do. I am not sure what the answer is, but she doesn't need any understanding, she is just plain old lazy!! Her priorities are straight alright...breaks and butts! It gets on my last nerve. However, what I have seen from managers lately, is that anyone can get away with anything just to keep those warm bodies in place. I see a lot of managers come and go due to having to fill in empty spots in schedules, and they are fried from it too. They become complacent and just listen to your concerns, but do nothing to penalize the lazy a$$, since it may mean they themselves have to get down and dirty. I can'r entirely blame the managers, since they are burnt out too. I have seen many go back to staff, work less hours a week and make more $$. Bottom line? I would lay it out for her, privately, but with a witness, like your manager. write up a list of all her transcription errors, missed meds and tx's for a single day. Then share that with her and tell her this is how you always get report from her. Ask how she would feel if nights left her with that amount of work every night? I think you have to embarras her inot doing her job, because she sounds too ditzy, or dumb like a fox, to get it. Good luck. And here, her's a pillow so you don't hurt your head when banging it against that brick wall every day!
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    thank you guys... and yes, my venting has made me feel a whole lot better... this woman irks me beyond belief... I've spoken to my mngr, and she agrees with me, but her hands are tied... if she fires this one, as she wants to, the hospital will close the position in the already short staffed (I mean shorter than Michael Jacksons pants short) day shift... oh well...
    So much for union...
    but, after having the weekend off, and anxiously awaiting monday to clear the cobwebs out of this brain, I'll have the patience to continue... hehe
    so now, as I avoid errant paperwork, and calls from staffing... I'll be back!
    oh-- just one more thing... My folder of 'write-em-ups' is about 1/2 inch thick... and I've been only working with her for 10 months this month... not cool... they blame her disability (she has hearing loss in one ear) for her lazyness... IF you cant cut it.... DO SOMETHING Different... ANYTHING...
    once again...

    'God, please grant me the serenity to effectively deal with all the people who anger me day to day, and god, please give me the know how to effectively hide the bodies PRN'
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    Well.. our rehab department is a money grubbing, insurance wasting thing... we keep them for as long as we inhumanly can...
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    You have TKR for 7 days, wow, we send them to rehab in 4 home in 5.
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    If she is leaving you with her duties tell her you will not take report on that patient until the tasks are done!! You have this right! Make her stay late and do these things that she forgot after a few times she will get the point.
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    What? Her hearing loss interferes with being able to read orders? Follow instructions? Dress a wound? She's not doing her job. It doesn't matter what the reason (excuse) is. You would be better off without her. Everyone who is working would not have to deal with the aggravation.