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    I was wondering if anyone can give their input on the legal ramifications of the licensed RN precepting GN's (graduate nurses). Some facilities now are hiring new grads who either are waiting for their NCLEX results or are in-between taking their NCLEX exams(they have failed the first time and r re-taking the exam). I have been asked by my director if I would orient GN's but have refused for fear of my license being at risk? Am i wrong in this? I too have been a baby nurse (many moons ago) but when i was training I was already a licensed RN bring oriented by another RN. Thanks for any advice.

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    Totally legal. I just graduated. As soon as the board gets the pprwrk from the school, you can work as a "GN." However, I'm not sure how it works if you fail the NCLEX.
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    They're not working under your license.
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    Don't know about the legalities, but as a GN I just gotta say, Please be nice to him/her!!! It is so so intimidating coming into a situation where everyone is experienced, and everyone knows each other and you are the new one. Please don't forget what it was like to be a new nurse yourself! :redpinkhe
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    As a graduate nurse in our facility they work as "externs" and can not give medications, they basically act as an aide. I would suggest discussing this with the nurse educator.
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    I have precepted GNs a few times, but NEVER have I let them push IV meds until they are licensed and can pull them from the pyxis and chart it under their own ID. I also double check everything that I think is necessary to ensure that the patient is safe. Some are given more autonomy than others as they earn my trust.
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    Depends on where you are from. In Alberta,Canada GN's are responsible for their own pt care. There are some limitations placed on them, but as said earlier, it really depends on your province/state. Ask your registration body.
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    You need to get with the BON for your state. How people can practice once they've graduated before they are licenses is entirely up to the BON. In our state, there is no such thing as a GN. If you work with someone who is functioning in the GN "role", they are not licensed and YOU are responsible for the care they deliver. The rules of what they can and can't do are usually spelled out quite specifically. Pay attention to those rules. There is no reason you can't have a good experience precepting them, it can be very rewarding for both them and you. Just know where the boundaries are and stand up for them.

    Our unit got flooded with new grads a few years ago. One of our members of management were going to let them take patients on their own, before they were licensed since they were "GN's". I was all over way was I going to allow that to take place. I cited the section in our Public Health Code (where our nursing practice laws are listed) and provided documentation that this was not allowed to take place. This member of management stated "well, the union has provisions for how GN's can work"...I had to remind her that provision hadn't been updated since GN's were phased out. The either changed the schedule or I was calling the state BON and CMS and filing complaints. It was amazing how fast legal got involved and the management team backed off and changed things. Stand up for what's right.
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    Wait................where are you at?

    There is a place that is hiring new grads!!!!!!!!!
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    I've never understood why some states allow people to practice as nurses before they have been licensed. It just doesn't make sense to me.

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