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The other day I half-jokingly told my mother that I was going to enjoy a nice bowl of cereal for supper. I get the ol'.."oh, and you're going to be a nurse??" comment in return. I have heard this a few times from people during my... Read More

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    Quote from carolinapooh
    I'm recovering from what suspiciously feels like the flu - never mind the two flu shots I've had. But I laughed so hard when I read that it sent me into a coughing fit.

    Actually, I just hacked up another lung reading my highlight of it.
    Well I am glad I made you laugh, unless right now you're in an ER sucking down nebulized albuterol or with your lung in a mini-cooler, oops--- hope I didn't do it again.

    I have the same type of conversations with my family, sad to say. When I get home I'm kinda tapped out and shall we say "not fully present" for my family's concerns- at least for an hour or so!-- they usually shuffle off after I offer up the 3rd semi-distracted non sequiter muttering things along the lines of "well, I can see you really care-- so nevermind."( -slam-door-)

    All this food talk has got me craving homemade mac n cheese. No orange powder. The real deal. Sublime.

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    Tell your mom, or whomever, that if you exercise regularly, eat a perfect diet, don't smoke, drink in moderation, always obey the speed limit, and always wear your seat belt, then someday you're gonna feel really stupid sitting in the ER, DYING OF NOTHING!!
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