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At clinical today we were at the hospital we go to regularly for our clinical rotation. I am a positive person, I do what I can to help and stay busy. I often hear the nurses talking bad about... Read More

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    Where I work a lot of my co workers vent like this about patients even the doctors will complain about certian pts at the nurses station. But when we go into the room it is all professional. Has nothing to do with bedside manner. Some people can take a ton of drug seekers, not pt in pain, straight up drug seekers, looking to get a PICC for easy accsess, all the "my ice is not cold enough" all the other bs and not say a word. where as other nurses vent to others about this. It is not all flowers and sunshine. Students for the most part have no clue
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    Darn. I thought I was in Disneyland.
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    Quote from FancypantsRN
    I have heard lots of threats of "pillow therapy" over the years, have yet to see it occur.
    Staffing one day, critical needs all over the hospital. I suggested some pillow therapy. People just don't appreciate creative problem solving....
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    Patient discharged out window!

    Smells like nurse burn-out to Boston!!!
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