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Hi everyone! I love being a nurse! However, I am that nurse who did not dream of becoming a nurse as a child. Even when I worked in the nursing home (a job that I loved), I swore that I would never be a nurse! It was not... Read More

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    Quote from LadyFree28
    I think a lot of people who knew they wanted to become a nurse or be involved in healthcare is either because they were ill as a child or saw someone experience a major medical illness and witnessed the role of nurses at the bedside, knew someone who had a baby or had a baby...
    I tend to agree, LadyFree28; quite a few people have some sort of a "life changing event" that makes nursing a viable career choice.

    For me, it was a combination of factors which tend to revolve around the 2-week period (give or take) that my mother was in palliative care. Having had some down time to think, I came to the realization that (a) my life situation was bordering on raving mania, both professionally & personally; (b) taking care of my mom for better than 4 years was the single most meaningful & satisfying act I'd ever done; and (c) with 3 noteworthy exceptions, none of the nurses rendering aid & care for my mother had the slightest clue what it was like to take care of a family member under those circumstances, or really even seemed to give a rip. Technically, they were proficient - but, no interest, no caring, no passion for the work/patients/families. Very sad.

    Hence, I saw nursing as a field where I could make a difference, and to bring my combination of technical proficiency and caring into a field where it could be used. Not really a "calling" so much as a realization that it was time for a change.

    ----- Dave

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    My grandmother was a nurse, she gave my sister all her old nursing textbooks hoping my sister would become a nurse. I was probably 8 years old at the time. My sister put them in her bottom drawer, she was not interested in becoming a nurse. For years when my sister wasn't home, I would go into her room and read the books. Some of the books had chapter tests, I would take the tests and check my answers and always did very well. I knew I would one day become a nurse. And I did.
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    I didn't. I thought about it my senior year of high school, but was holding out on coming across something more... "Fun..." Yeah right. Became an aide @ 18, went to nursing school @ 22. 10 years in healthcare & can't see myself doing anything other than taking care of people. It's what I'm good at & it's a decent paycheck, provides benefits. Not fun, but I'm not complaining
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    I knew since high school but I didn't become an RN until I was 33 years old. I went to medical assisting school right out of high school and did that for a few years before having kids. When my youngest was a year old, I decided to finally go back to school. I have been a natural-born caregiver my whole life; I used to take care of wounded animals, sick/hurt family members, etc. when I was a kid. I just enjoy taking care of others
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    Because mommy was a nurse, and as a young girl, I wanted to be just like my mommy. So I followed her path. CNA-LPN-RN. she says it's important to know and respect everyone on your team because at one point, you were everyone on your team....I love that quote.

    Finally a nurse...All for my three♡♡♡
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    When I was a little kid, I read medical books for fun. When I was older, my friends called me "Dr. Dirtybird," due to my knowledge of the human body and the weirdest diseases I could learn about. But it never occurred to me to pursue nursing. It wasn't until that limbo between high school and deciding what I was seriously going to do with the rest of my life, I accidentally came upon nursing program information. A lightbulb went off - Oh snap! I should be a nurse! That's perfect! Why didn't I ever think of that?

    The only way I can explain it is I guess I didn't see nurses as "nurses" when I was a kid. They were always the nice people who gave me lollypops, hugs, and cartoon character bandaids. I didn't see them as health care providers. I saw them as nice grownups. I never made the connection between caring for health and caring for people when I was a kid.
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    When some of us were little kids.... well, let's just say it wasn't all that socially acceptable for little boys to dream of being a nurse when they grow up.
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    Like NurseDirtyBird, I would read things on the human body and medically related books for 'fun' even when in grammar school. I was always drawn to any television program that was even remotely related to medicine (Loved the tv program, Emergency!). I didn't play 'doctor' (haha), I played 'nurse'.

    My best friend during grammar school and I would play 'hospital' all the time and had our dolls, stuffed animals etc lined up as if in wards. We had our supplies of band aids, bandages, 'shots' made out of pens, hospital gowns.

    During high school, knowing there was no way my mom could pay for college, I sort of gave up on the dream of nursing school. Instead, of having classes focused on the sciences, I focused my classes on business because at that time, you could leave high school with a diploma and business classes and become a 'book keeper' etc. I ended up working as a bookkeepers assistant during high school in a nursing home, I then decided to apply for the medical secretary job, then became a CNA. All the while, knowing my heart was in nursing but knowing it wasn't obtainable due to finances. As a 38 yr old married mom of two, I finally said, enough. I went back to school and became an LPN, I just graduated in May and became licensed by my state as an RN in June. In October, my journey continues as I start my RN to BSN program.

    While I never felt a 'calling' to nursing, but I sure as heck felt a strong pull into it
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    Well if you read my college application essay it was inspired by my brother's battle with leukemia and my admiration for the pedi onc nurses that took care of him. However that's not actually 100% how it happened, it just won me a few essay contests. Although my bro was diagnosed right before I realized I wanted to be a nurse it actually had little to do with it. I was a sophomore in bio class and we were learning about the human body and I just got the brilliant idea by association . When I told my mom later that day she was soooo unbelievably proud and excited. I think the support and admiration from my mom played a huge role during the whole process.

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