physician abuse

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    I have been a nurse for over 25 plus years. I am finding physician abuse and inappropriate behavior still being overlooked by administration. Does anyone have a no tolerance or red flag policy on this. My DON says MD abuse is at all hospitals and I'm just wondering if that is true.

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    Not at our facility. We can write up abusive docs, just like anyone else. And guess what? they get reprimanded.

    Our supervisors stand behind us, too.

    (Another reason I Love My Job)
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    It has to do with the facility and the example they show. In my present facility and unit, our attending physician is a member of the team, period. We do not play power games.
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    ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!! In NC, used to be a "good ole boys" hospital where MD's were Gods and nurses pond scum.

    New CEO said, you give me the documentation and I will fix the behavior or the MD is gone. No one believed it but a few tried out of anger.

    Due to nurses documentation, two MD's were suspended by peer review.... the MD's were suspended by their peers!!!!!! for 30 days.

    The offending MD's challenged the new policy on behavior to the board of directors, which upheld the ruling!!!!!

    Two MD's were suspended for 30 days from admitting priveleges then placed on probation. Leagues of lawyers were involved too and the hospital supported the nurses!!!!! :

    The process took many months, in fairness to the MD"s which started out as verbal, then written warnings, then suspension.

    Yes, we still have abusive MD's, these two hide their true colors. now we start the paper trail for those that think they are immune.

    All it takes is for the medical director (who presides over the MD's) to write a behavior policy which holds Md's and their practicioners to an accepted behavior policy... If I can find it I'll ask for your address... similar to a zero tolerance!

    So tell your DON NNNNNOOOOO! This is no longer accepted and they must not tolerate a hostile work environment which is covered under federal legislation, which if it leaves the nurse unprotected by the hospital, federal fines can and will follow.

    Just tell your manager that you are filling a grievance of "hostile work environment" and wish to speak with the hospital attorney ASAP!!!!!

    This law is your protection against that crap! We clean it up daily, we don't need it stuffed down our throats!
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    I thought you meant abusing the MD's. We beat them up pretty good, especially the interns. I abused one for about an hour the other day about a BS admission, still got the hit but i felt better about it
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    In this day and age, I wouldn't work at a place that condones abusive behaviors by physicians.

    Would this same DON, "tolerate" it being done to her?

    Bonnie C., RN
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    Physicians really do get away with having an attitude a lot more often than any other hospital staff member would. At the hospital I used to work at I worked in the PACU... many a time did I witness a surgeon throw a hissy fit, insult a nurse's intelligence and one time I saw (and heard) a surgeon belittle a nurse and yell at her "What's the matter with you? Can't you read?" in front of the entire recovery room staff because she asked him to clarify an order he had written. And guess what... NOT one of these surgeons was reprimanded for their behavior. It was tolerated... one of the major reasons I chose not to continue working there...
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    We have a NO tolerance to abuse committed by anyone. It is reported. Occurence reports !!! Document everything, even if it is on a scratch note. Don't give up your fight. To many of us have in the past and some MDs think they are still G_D. I often think that the MDs need to have a survey team come thru their office every 3rd year when JCAHO visit us. That would really be a humbling experience for them.

    Bottom line to not accept abuse from a doctor. Tell him/her that this behavior is unacceptable to you. Then report it.

    I once had a doctor call in on the weekend and he was very short and snappy with me. He was one of the doctors that I considered part of the "team". I couldn't figure out what was up with his behavior. The next time he was in I asked him "Did I say something to offend you, or was I not understanding you?" He replied "No, I was oncall and out in the middle of no where, I got paged and my cell phone didn't work, I couldn't find a pay phone and I was frustrated". This doctor has since then behaved smug at times with my coworkers but never with me.

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    Google search results for workplace violence links and zero tolerance policys---pick from 100's resources.

    Check out fantastic site--Nurse Advocate

    Nurse Abuse? Couldn't Be!
    Intraprofessional abuse and violence in the nursing workplace
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    Personally, I have heard MUCH nastier things being said about and to nurses by other nurses than I have heard by docs.

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