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I'm transitioning back into a clinical role after some time off and am realizing how different I am when I'm practicing as a nurse vs. in my mundane "off" time. At home, I'm cluttered, scatter-brained, meek, passive and always... Read More

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    NurseDirtyBird, lets make us triplets.

    My husband and I practically divorced because he doesn't believe I'm a compassionate person. I wasn't... to him. He was too needy. I'm learning to transfer my work personality to my regular life. It's amazing how hard that can actually be! I found it much easier with a recent relationship but it was greatly helped by the bf's lack of self-centeredness. Suddenly I didn't cringe about complaints as if he were a patient who sits on his call bell all day.

    But yes, I am a true Jekyll and Hyde. For someone so obnoxious, it's odd how I'm bursting with daisies on the job. I think staying cheery is what gets me through the day and convinces me that I love my job. It might be a mind trick.

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    I am pretty much the same person IRL as I am at work but I do want to say to you SURVIVORS of domestic violence:

    After reading your responses, the pattern was clear, and I realized you all are different IRL because of your former SO's. Hurrah to you brave ladies!
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    I am the same person with a touch of different. On my days off I am still compassionate, I still am a generally nice person. I signal when I change lanes, I thank people who let me over with a friendly wave, I resist the urge to use any waves consisting of only one finger for those who are not friendly drivers. I help random strangers if I see they need it and I can help. I will give directions if asked or say I don't know if I do not. I smile less but I still smile.

    However I am not as organized, my bedroom, at present is a mess (lost my keys a day ago and things got thrown about and I will pick them up later today.)

    I am more different in my responses though. I would NEVER yell at a patient, but sometimes I do yell at my son (after I have asked him about 10 times to do something my voice tends to go up a few octaves.)

    I am also much more laid back! I love to read and listen to music.
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    I'm assertive and very outgoing at work. At home and elsewhere, I'm a bit anxious and reclusive. People at work invite me out a lot, probably thinking that we'd have fun...but we wouldn't! I'd just stand around feeling awkward and not saying much. I am happy in my shell, though. Being social for 36 hours a weeks is all I can manage.
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    I suffer from severe OCD, so my workspace and homespace are equally neat, organized and labeled. Yes...I label things in my pantry. My personality doesn't change much when I am at home, but I do crave solitude and quiet. Over the years, I have found that I need at least one day during the week where I allow myself to be lazy, don't make appointments, don't run errands, don't tend to any household chores (that was the hardest thing to do). Having this "free day" allows me to clear all the static from my mind and become more centered.

    Like many of the previous posters, I am also assertive, bubbly, friendly, funny, and sometimes downright silly when I'm at work. People are shocked when I tell them that I am actually very shy.

    I. Hate. Social. Gatherings.

    Nice topic, OP. I've often wondered if some of my co-workers are different at home. It's nice to find that we are all basically of the same mindset!
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    Let's put it this way...I let my husband read my most recent evaluation (which was very positive), and he said, "That's not you!"
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    I used to be very organized and industrious at home. Then I went to nursing school. Working 6 on/8 off you would think my house would be spotless...yeah...
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    Oh boy when I am at home I am a slob, impatient, very blunt/curse like a sailor and I take my sweet time doing things that need to get done. Also if the right person pushes my buttons I can have a bad temper. Don't get me wrong I am very nice, funny and love to have a good time as well. When I am a nurse I am VERY patient(working on a neuro floor you have to be...I repeat myself constantly), keep everything in pristine condition, I hustle to get things done(of course without being careless) and I love chatting with the patients, my co-workers and patient's family members(unless of course other urgent work needs to be done or if another patient needs me). At home I am not really big on small talk with anyone. Some of the things that fly out of my mouth at home I wouldn't even DREAM of saying in the hospital.
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    At work, my work area is spotless, my babies' cribs are well-organized, everything has a place, and I always have a plan (and a back-up plan). I let myself unravel a little bit at home. I let myself be more spontaneous and relaxed with plans, I don't mind if my significant other leaves his shoes in the middle of the floor (unless I trip over them... and only one pair!), and it's okay if things are a little messy. Oh, and I'm the world's most impatient driver... but I try not to be so impatient at work.
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    Quote from calivianya
    I am definitely two people. Maybe even more than two... xD

    I get told by my patients quite frequently how refreshing it is to have someone who really cares. I bend over backwards to get them anything they need and 99% of what they want. I always try to make time to talk, I'm friendly, I'm patient, I'm personable, and I'm highly organized. I am also very perky - I had a manager tell me it was refreshing to see someone around with so much positive energy, and that I was a great influence on the rest of the staff.

    When I get off work, I'm a total sarcastic people-hater. It's funny how I can sit and politely listen to a patient talk when they're upset for 20 or more minutes, but I will absolutely be rude as all get out to people in the mall, on the roads, etc. I seriously have zero tolerance for the masses outside of the job. I get told often that I am really evil and sarcastic. I think I use up all of my perky and my people skills at work, and there are absolutely none of either left for when I walk out of the hospital. I also am a very messy housekeeper.

    Were we separated at birth?
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