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This is just a pet peeve rant post. But why do some people who should have a basic education on this call it "oxygen stats/ staturations". Drives me crazy. Ive seen people write it and say it. Its sat!!! Saturation! Ok end... Read More

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    It's because people don't know the derivations, largely because of educational deficits.

    They don't know what oxygen saturation measures, i.e., the percentage of red blood cells with their iron-bearing hemoglobin molecules saturated with oxygen, and they think that because that handy little gadget gives them an answer right away it has something to do with "stat."

    They don't know what sugar tongs are because they've never seen them used to place sugar cubes in tea in a civilized manner.

    They don't know the proper terms for medications and anatomical/physiological concepts because they were never required to use them properly, or maybe because they never learned them in the first place.

    They call them "tarry stools" to rhyme with "Harry," as in "do not tarry or you'll be late," because they don't recognize that digested blood is black and sticky like tar and not something to do with timing; I could go on.

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    I cannot stand it when people say "I got the sugar" UGH! You have Diabetes not "the sugar"
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    Dilitation instead if dilation. Drives me bonkers!!!!!! (And yes, one of my preceptors uses it!!!!)

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Quote from anotherone
    Sahhhntameter @@ pretentious sounding to me. i haven't heard it in awhile, though.
    Yet another one used by the same preceptor that says "dilitation"

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    Quote from danabsn
    When I worked in orthopedics I hated rotator CUP. Orientate drives me crazy as well.
    Also used by my preceptor that says "dilitation" and "saaahntameter" lmao

    Posting from my phone, ease forgive my fat thumbs!
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    My favorite is "submersion" instead of aversion.

    I agree with GrnTea, but it's fun to chuckle sometimes. Before taking the opportunity to provide a little patient teaching, of course...
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    If a patient says things incorrectly I don't mind nearly as much as when a fellow nurse does.

    During school I had a preceptor in the surgery department frequently refer to the OR room. Really? Operating room room? Drove me nuts. Same for ER room or ED department. Aaahhhh!! Lol
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    How about when they are worried that they have "amonia"?

    Or "verygross veins" instead of varicose veins?
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    IbuprofRen and acetaminophRen. If you can't say it correctly just call it Tylenol or Motrin.
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    Quote from 1wellnessnurse
    How about when they are worried that they have "amonia"?

    Or "verygross veins" instead of varicose veins?
    U took the "ammonia" one right out of my mouth & then they are beyond serious when they say it too

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