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Faced with the impossible financial burden of a US nursing home, more families are opting to send their family members who need nursing home care to foreign countries like Mexico and India. I'm just... Read More

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    Quote from RNsRWe
    There is no way on G-d's green Earth that I would ship off my parents to a foreign country to be at the mercy of strangers for the rest of their lives. Somewhere I could not just drop in when it suited me (and not necessarily with warning, I might add, having had some horror stories in my family already of disastrous nursing home conditions).

    It's like an open invitation to the home, staff, to do whatever (or not do whatever) they might like with Grandma. Can't even conceive of it.

    I don't care how nice the place looks in the brochure. I don't care how nice it is on my "drop off" visit. It ain't happening with me and mine!
    Good for you.

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