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I was given a list of four drug handbooks to choose from for my school's nursing program, so I took the list and went to my local B&N thinking that seeing them in person would help. Unfortunately, at... Read More

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    Quote from CCMNursingStudent
    I ended up going with the Davis guide, since it seemed to have exceptionally thorough "Nursing Implications" and "Patient Teaching" sections. I figured these two areas alone would serve me well in my upcoming semester.

    Although, I must say I did like the way Lippincott's intro section had a whole part devoted to the various classifications, as well as listing the drugs that fell into each category.
    You know, you can get a "last year's version" of Lippincott for dirt-cheap online or at a "Bargain Books" type store, if you have one in your area. That way you can still have that intro section you liked (which will be helpful for you in your Pharm and Med-Surg classes), but only have to spend $5 or less on the book.

    I have started doing this for all my classes.... particularly helpful if the textbook that is "required" for your class is snooze-inducing, or just not written to appeal to your way of learning. Sometimes just reading about Congestive Heart Failure as written by a different author is all it takes to "make it click and help it stick" in your brain. Or some textbooks may have charts or graphics of some sort that help you get the big picture, etc. Older editions of textbooks are dirt-cheap online, and are often a great resource.
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    Thank you, Brillo! I can't believe I didn't think of that earlier, but it goes to show you what an incredible resource this site is. For some reason, I didn't even think about how valuable an "old edition" text can be, especially when you consider that they're practically free!

    As soon as I read your post, I hopped on eBay, and I'm scouring (no pun intended! ) that site in a different window, as I type out this reply. I've also written down your tip on my whiteboard behind me, as well, so thank you for giving me a tip that will undoubtedly be an asset to my studies!

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    Since you liked that idea, I'll share one of my fave sites with you:

    BetterWorldBooks.com - New & Used Books for Sale, Textbooks, Book Reviews & more - FREE SHIPPING

    Most of their books are $4 with free shipping, and for every book you purchase, they donate a book to a literacy charity somewhere in the world. You do have to do your research.... some of the books were published in the 80s, and you have to make sure that the book you're getting is coming from BWB instead of one of their "partner" sites in order to get the free shipping. And I'll warn you right now, the site is horribly addicting... ALL THOSE CHEAP BOOKS!!!!!

    I did my psych nursing class this last semester, and I had five different psychiatric careplanning/diagnosing books for under twenty bucks. The one that we were supposed to have for class was over $40, but everyone in my clinical group borrowed my "old" books b/c the stuff was easier to find and laid out better.

    I also recommend purchasing at least a couple different nursing diagnosis/careplan books for your other classes. It's always nice to have plenty of options!
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    I personally own all 4 in last years model. The Davis and Pearson are the best of the best. For care plans I used both because I like pearson's nursing recommendations best and Davis's mechanism of action best.

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