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OK. So I'm probably pretty atypical for a nursing student. I am a retired USAF aviator after 22 years and probably don't HAVE to do much of anything more with my life. I'm 46 and decided it is too early to "hang up my spurs". ... Read More

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    Quote from sarakjp
    Awwww...enjoy the ride and keep that compassion for as long as you possibly can!
    Right bc there is no shortage of controlling, abusive types that have done their best and are doing their best to continue to screw up the profession. Sad but too true.
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    Quote from roser13
    Ok now, bring on the nursing students who will call me a cynical, jaded, need-to-retire old bat.
    No, I wouldn't call you a need-to-retire old bat, just a realist! I'm currently a nursing student and just a few months away from graduating an accelerated BSN program myself. I intern on a stepdown unit where frequently I'm thinking "Ugh! This sucks! Everyone is so overloaded including myself and nobody seems to care about the work we put in!" but in-between, there are amazing moments sprinkled in that keep me going. OP, the video was actually kind of nice but I couldn't finish it myself either. I love what I do, but it's so not glamorous and oftentimes the nurses I work with are under-appreciated. Just something to keep in mind. Take everything with a grain of salt.
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    Everybody wants us to walk in the patients' shoes, and nobody wants to walk in the nurses' shoes. Probably because they know it'll make their feet hurt.
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    OP, after your lifetime of military service are you ready to be low dog on the totem pole?

    You may think you want to do this job but the reality sucks. You are in a luckier position than most because you have a pension and benefits and can affort do work casual. That's the only way you are going to get vacation when you want it.

    Oh, and nobody is that clean and fresh looking at the end of a 12 hour shift. Hair is hanging out of ponytails, uniforms are crumpled and soiled. Exhaustion and dehydration is pretty apparent on a lot of faces.

    Hope it works for you.
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    My wife is a Med/Surg RN-BSN so, I understand some of your perspectives. Can't say I totally understand it until I am there, but I hear lots of good stories along with the bad. I guess the luxury I have is that after I get a bit of experience in, I won't have any qualms throwing the BS flag. In all honesty, I really don't NEED this job and won't be afraid to tell people that under certain conditions. I've briefed 4-star generals. I am not easily intimidated. I guess they either will or won't like me.
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    My hospital has the military RNs come into work shifts to keep current. The guys from base take no prisoners but they also don't win a lot of friends on the floor.

    I hope it works for you but most of the DND RNs and LPNs that I know all swear they'll never work civilian after they retire.
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    Since that video is nothing but propaganda, it's offensive. It may as well been the 'happy children' in Nazi Germany doing their dance recitals. Nurses in America are being increasingly down-paid, threatened, replaced with foreigners, made to feel insignificant, and etc. My question is the motive of the video, and who's agenda it's representing. That's what spooks me.
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    Quote from ThinkAgain
    Are you kidding with this video?
    Maybe it's me too...I couldn't finish watching this clip. Not because it struck a chord with me in any way, just too cheesy and sentimental.
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    Quote from Fiona59

    Oh, and nobody is that clean and fresh looking at the end of a 12 hour shift. Hair is hanging out of ponytails, uniforms are crumpled and soiled. Exhaustion and dehydration is pretty apparent on a lot of faces.

    Hope it works for you.
    I did not watch more than a minute but after my shift I literally feel dirty. I go in smelling great , nice hair and makeup and leave looking pretty bad. I work nights so when I leave the sun is shining on my face as I try to avoid eye contact with everyone in the halls and lobby!
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    Cheese is a huge reason you want to be a nurse?
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