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A gaunt, elderly gentleman in bib overalls appeared in front of the ancient farmhouse, smoking an unfiltered cigarette and watching me closely as I pulled off the road into the dusty driveway. Next... Read More

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    Actually, Baubo, I have no doubt that he was thrilled to be back home where he and his wife raised their family. I'm sure he would have preferred to die there than in his sleep at the LTC facility.

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    My mom died a couple of years ago. After an intense 4 days w/my sisters and her caregivers @ her bedside, she passed around noon. I was so exhausted, I didn't feel safe to drive the 10 miles back to my own house. ~ 2am, I was sitting sort of stuporously on the couch I had been sleeping on and I got the strongest picture in my mind: my Dad's face w/the biggest grin I'd ever seen, and I thought, "She made it!"
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    This, as per usual, is just a great story of where the heart is.
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    Our dying patients can be enormous gifts to us...as can their families.
    We are so often blessed by those we care for.
    Thank you for your beautiful writing!
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    What an beautiful story and an exquisite piece of writing, as usual.
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    That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing.
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    I am so glad his last memory is of those farmhouse steps and not a strange bed, no matter how "soft"!
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    Thank you for sharing....you have a gift with words and I for one appreciate how you bring what we see to life!
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    Thanks, Viva. You never fail to get me all choked up.
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    I'm glad y'all liked this article. Like most of the unforgettable-patient tales I've posted here over the years, this one pretty much wrote itself. It doesn't take a lot of talent.......all I have to do is get out of the way and let the subject tell his/her story.

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