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The nursing profession, as a whole, as well as the role of the nurse have evolved dramatically over the past several decades. I personally have witnessed the changing face of nursing during my 30+ years in the profession. Gone... Read More

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    Quote from oldenurselady
    I have one with a different patch but the same exact candy striped jumper as sirI. I got mine in 1981. I also have the cap too!
    Maybe you could post a picture.

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    I have my cap from 1958
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    I have my cap too. But it was not a "normal-lookingl" nursing cap. Reminded me of cup cake holder with lace. LOL

    I will have to look to see if I can find a picture.

    Now wouldn't that be a hoot if members would post pics of their caps and/or uniforms........ LOL
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    Well lo and behold! You can find almost anything on the internet.

    Here is a picture of the cap I wore.

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    I found this video on You Tube today......on Nurses Day. I thought you might enjoy seeing nurses through the ages.

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    Nice, thanks for posting.
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    At least I didn't have to wear one of these hats.

    They look like dunce hats........ Or witch hats. Actually, some of these nurses look like scary witches. LOL
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    That's awful! The restraints that must have been necessary were to prevent involuntary muscle twitching, must be?

    Wow... Although babies are still circumcised without anesthesia to this day.
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    Oops! Already posted about isolation pts
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    remember enemas till clear and I mean clear sometimes you had 8-10 a day and the nursing assistants did them
    as a night nurse remember when a patient rolled over in their sleep and the whole IV infused
    in nursing school they had just gone to pants and so we weren't allowed to wear hats as students sinc they did not go well together
    remember mixing the IV antibiotics and the IVs
    Back surgery recovery was 10 days and they weren't out of bed for several days.
    no food until you actually heard bowel sounds
    i will stop there.
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