Nurses who smoke marijuana

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    I believe it is no employers business with what I do after work OFF duty. I have the right to smoke a joint if I want to. I'm a responsible adult MJ smoker and would never come into work stoned. Ever. I don't do any other drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes. I do a great job, love my patients, always arrive to work on time, do what I'm supposed to do as a health professional.

    Testing positive for a drug does not suggest impairment. I think we can all agree on that fact.

    Tip for other MJ smokers:

    From what I understand it is better to refuse to take a drug test knowing you will test positive than actually take the test; because your license could be revoked.

    Drug testing is a clear violation of our 4th amendment rights.

    Am I for drug tests? Absolutely. Pre-employment and poor job performance. Random? No way.
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    I mean, interesting to see how others here respond to this.

    Blessings, Michelle
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    Quote from RhodyGirl-SN
    Nurses can drink alcohol off duty. Why is that okay but marijuana is not?

    What about those people who are MJ patients?
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    I also do not agree with drug testing. I just don't feel as strongly as you do about it. I refrain because I want to keep my career.

    I am also planning my retirement and I am budgeting in MJ.
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    I really see no issue with drug tests, randomized or not. If it prevents healthcare workers from treating and caring for patients while under any influence....then I don't see why it should be a problem. I commend you for being responsible with the drug, but honestly, some people may not be. Just my opinion, though.
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    i am with you!!!!!! but i don't think anything will change anytime soon with the health care field or any other field drug testing is everywhere
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    Marijuana has long been used to self medicate as well treat a variety of issues. It has the ability to help you unwind and relax--similar to ETOH. But it doesn't have the overdosage problem like ETOH. When was the last time you saw someone who beat their wife after smoking a joint--I never have. It is less dangerous than ETOH, but illegal.

    The push behind keeping marijuana illegal is the drug companies. The last thing they want is competition for a medication that is cheap to produce, treats a variety of illnesses/issues and works with minimal side effects.

    There will be a day when this drug is available without the being illegal. The world will be a better place to live. IMHO, make ETOH illegal and make marijuana legal.

    Drug testing has gone overboard and does infringe on our civil rights.

    That being said, I don't use marijuana and can pass a drug test with no problem. But I do feel for others who can't.
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    I remember when I applied for my CA lic., they had if you had been busted for pot over 2 years prior don't disclose it...but for any other offense...they wanted to know about...didn't make sense to me... an arrest is an arrest...& pot is illegal! I don't care if someone wants to smoke it on their off time...go for long as you're ok at work...but it wouldn't be worth my losing my license....
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    Quote from e4c5
    Nurses can drink alcohol off duty. Why is that okay but marijuana is not?

    Ummmm . . . . it is ILLEGAL? (DUH).

    If a nurse chooses to do something illegal, that says something about the nurse's judgment.

    If you want to make it legal, then work for that goal and wait until it happens to smoke it legally.

    Otherwise, you are making a decision that many consider a serious lack of judgment.

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