Nurses: If jobs were equally abundant in America, where would you most want to work? - page 3

I'd be wonderful to live and work in Las Vegas, I think :) *sigh*... then again, the unemployment rate in that state, I've heard, is astronomical :( Clarification: The question should ask,... Read More

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    Austin, Seattle, Denver, or Pittsburgh. If my non-driving husband learned to drive, I'd move back to the Berkshires.
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    Someplace warm year round, with decent pay and a reasonable cost of living. Oh, and by the ocean would be fantastic too!
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    I would stay in my city, and work L&D/PostPartum at the hospital 5 minutes from my house!
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    The Outer Banks of NC in a heartbeat. That is my favorite place in the world.
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    Quote from TerpGal02
    The Outer Banks of NC in a heartbeat. That is my favorite place in the world.
    Mine too! Too bad there aren't any good hospitals there. I would finish my shift and then drop my boat in the water just about low tide and go fishing every day!
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    Quote from donsterRN
    I live in upstate NY. It would be perfect here if we New Yorkers weren't so overly taxed. If I were to choose another place to live and work as an RN, it would be the mountains of western NC. Pure heaven.
    I used to work at Mission in Asheville. It was heaven! I worked as a traveler though. The staff are paid squat because there is no competition. I think they offered me $22/hr to come on as perm staff. I made more that that as a new grad 12 years ago! The hospital is well run and the scenery is just gorgeous. Had they offered me a good salary, I would have stayed without question!
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    I don't know where...but I know what it would be like! It would be a part of the US that has beautiful scenery, easy access to natural recreational places, temperate climate year-round so that it doesn't go below 40 or above 85, a town designed around pedestrians and bike-riders, a cost-of-living that is commensurate with salary, and a one hour drive or less to the beach. If anyone can tell me where that is I'll be making a bee-line there after I pass the NCLEX in a few years LOL!

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