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Have any of you found yourself more and more disgusted with random things or processes as you moved through your education and/or career? For instance, if you have kids or domesticated animals -- did you start hypersanitizing? ... Read More

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    To each his own, but some of you are over zealous about germs, IMO. Between working and home, do you ever take time to properly de-stress and relax?
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    Quote from ProfRN4
    I would say the only thing I really do is assess peoples respiratory statuses. I look at their quality and ease of breathing, and listen to their speech (any indications, like smoking history, allergies, sob). And I check expiration dates a lot more (that is because my students have it ingrained in their heads from 101, so I hear them all saying "i checked the expiration date" in my sleep).I absolutely do not do any of the "OCD" things that the majority of the posters mentioned. I think it is completely unnecessary, and common sense should prevail in most hygiene/infection potential situations (especially when we, as nurses know the abilities and function of a Normal immune system). If I had a dirty and/or known infectious patient, i will use common sense and change as soon as I get home, shoes In the hallway. Same hamper as the rest of my clothes (unless soiled). Then a shower. I've never brought home a mdro, flu, rsv or anything else to my loved ones. Growing up, I did not have parents who were sticklers for hygiene and cleanliness, and I never got sick. And for the record, the majority of you don't have OCD. Would you become highly anxious (to the point that you cant function) if you did not open the public restroom door with a paper towel, or enter your home with your nursing shoes on? I'm sorry to be a Debbie downer on this light-hearted thread, but I can't stand the millions of germ-phobes in our society that act as if they have a legitimate mental health disorder. It's really not the same.
    Oh, how I do love those who contradict themselves. . . . .
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    Quote from StudentEtc.
    Have any of you found yourself more and more disgusted with random things or processes as you moved through your education and/or career? For instance, if you have kids or domesticated animals -- did you start hypersanitizing? Or, did you perhaps start hypersanitizing anyway? Did your social habits change? Did your personal habits change? Did your kitchen habits or bathroom habits change? Please, unwind my spinning head....
    I am less paranoid than before with regards to not even wanting to wear my work uniform in my car and never ever eat at work ( even with handwashing, pre packaged food etc) . I have always had great hygiene habits ( my mother taught us well when toddlers) but i have become paranoid and often worry about my future health, getting older etc. I have realized how poor some people's hygiene is ( GROSS) . i hate shaking hands even more. also some gross things i have seen have only further reinforced pre existing choices on safe(r?) sex. out of sight out of mind. but for health care workers it is not out of sight!!!!!!!
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    i alternate between periods of "who cares ", what ever happens ,happens. to panic about what will happen!! tbis, cancer, fistulas, sepsis, ugh.
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    Quote from BostonTerrierLoverRN
    I open public bathrooms with a napkin, and open the door with a paper towel to exit. I never touch the actual medal of the faucets or the handles without the barrier of a paper towel. I have caught myself running the hand dryer until someone comes through the door, and I catch it with my foot. I don't wear shoes inside my home, and seeing that- my friends and family follow suit. I have NO carpet, and I wash my bedding every 3-4 days, Lol(I do have a dog). He knows when we come in from outside he's going to have his paws wiped off with a Sanitizing Cloth in a drawer by our door, and gets a treat for waiting by the drawer on re-entry to the home. So, he may be as Neurotic as me now- or he likes the treatMy Veterinarian got on to me, he said, "You are bathing this pup too much." And we changed to an Oatmeal wash for him, $30 a Quart. But, a small price to pay to bath him 3-4 times a week
    Omg,awesome!!! i feel as if i have just read a personal ad for my soul mate (lol!!!!) I cant stand when people want to walk in my house with their dirty shoes, or touch my things . ugh. anyone else watch the tv shows about hoarders and go into a cleaning frenzy!!!
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    You have to remember, I work in ER daily bombarded by head lice, scabies, herpes, R/O encephalitis/meningitis, fasciatic-phagic bacteria and Protista the Swampers catch, and enough MRSA and VRSA to fill a Hospital with (all of which are secondary and never the chief complaint- I probably do suffer OCD personality disorder too because I catch myself constantly counting stuff, and noticing things others don't.

    Well, what can I say? Some people suffer from mental illness- but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. (What is it hurting anyone that I know I passed 14 white Toyota Trucks on my way to work, along with 11 white Toyota Cars?)

    I also catch myself holding my breath going by a cough or sneeze, or someone I think may have body odor. I have to sanitize after a handshake (especially an MD or DO).

    I can't drink after anyone- and I don't make a big deal out of it, but if my nephew or nieces ever took a sip- there went my drink

    I'm certainly not saying "I'm right," on any of these habits- but I am just me
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    Quote from Mulan
    I haven't seen that commercial and I hope I never do.

    Makes me want to puke.
    Just so you know, they don't actually show the kid making the poop nor do they show the actual oop:. The ad itself is not as disgusting as it may sound, although it does prove their point
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    I have no problem with people being OCD about germs; however, I think sometimes the OCD person is getting a false sense of security when it comes to protecting themselves from germs. If it makes you feel better, go for it...I'll take standard precautions, but I prefer not to live my life in the fear that every germ is out to get me.

    I wash/sanitize my hands with each pt contact (always wash before/after eating, after using the restroom, hand are visibly soiled, etc.). However, germs are everywhere--on the IV pump, on the computer keyboard, on the pen, etc. While I make a point of not touching my face at work it is pretty much impossible to guarantee that no pathogens will get to a point of entry.

    I wipe down my stethoscope each time I use it. However, I have to get down near a pt to listen for heart, breath, and bowel sounds. What if they have an unannounced cough or sneeze during that time? Yes, it's yucky and I do my best to prevent it, but it sometimes happens.

    Outside of work: at a restaurant, I will do my best to keep sanitary. However, how do I know that the bar tender, who has a cold, did not forget to wash his hands before he touched my glass when preparing my drink? How do I know that they did not use a dirty spoon to ladle the sauce onto my entree before serving it to me?

    There are some common sense things that can be done to stay healthy. On the other hand, I like being able to go out to dinner without being obsessed about who prepared my food and what their hygiene habits are. I like being able to do my job without constantly asking myself if I did enough to protect myself.
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    Watching TLC and the Health Channel probably didn't help me either

    Watching me you'd never know I do my little routines- I'm not obvious about it, like "ewwwww I gotta wash my hands now,...did you pick your nose?" I just remember not to touch my face. If someone borrows my phone (even my dad), I'm going to use a little alcohol pad, and wipe her down(not right in front of him). I love kids, and when I have my own- I know I'll loosen up some- I was raised in the country, went barefoot fishing- I don't know how I got here, Lol!!
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    as someone that got hep A from a contaminated food worker, I should be more vigilant, but I'm really not...I foam in and out and wash my hands if I'm caring for a c-diff patient or VRE but aside from that I just don't worry about it - waaaaay too many other things to obsess about in life!
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