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This nurse had been going into files of people with whom she had personal connections, not professional reasons, so they fired her. She knows that she isn't supposed to violate patients' right to... Read More

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    There was a nurse let go in my hospital for the same reason not long ago. Her union stood behind the termination 100%.

    In my province to access the provincial healthrecords system, you must sign an agreement regarding patient confidentiality, and then to remind you, every time you access the system, it's there in HUGE, RED, FLASHING letters that you are being tracked and can be audited. (routinely known, as big brother is watching you and you'd better be able to explain why you are in this record).

    I won't even access my own lab work just in case I'm in violation.

    Getting let go for this reason pretty much makes you unhireable anywhere in the provincial system, including family clinics, 'cause there are computers everywhere.

    Too me, it sounds like she's trying to build a "whistleblower" argument. Which in itself wouldn't work in my province because we have an 1-800 hotline to drop names and issues without trace.

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