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I've tried multiple times since November to pay online and over the phone and keep getting that the system is unavailable. Is this company up and running? Anyone else having trouble? I clicked a link directly from their email to... Read More

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    I have NSO as well. I've only used them for a year and haven't had to actually use any of their services. It would be nice to hear from folks who do have experience with this company and/or companies that offer comparable legal services for nurses.
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    Having tried for the last two days to renew my policy with NSO on line to no avail, I'm beginning to wonder if their website isn't maintained by a pack of trained chimpanzees. In fact, I'm having second thoughts about renewing with them at all...are they legit?...are they really selling liability insurance or just cranking out a phony website and phony insurance papers? Anyone can generate junk like that and scam the public.
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    Oh my gosh, and I just bought a new grad policy from them!! I hope people will chime in that they are the real deal.
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    I've had a policy for 30+ years, they aren't a fly by night scam. Thank God I've never had to use them, my depositions have been about other people.
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    Having trouble renewing, too... :/

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