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Hi everyone! This topic has been bothering me a lot lately. I would love to know your thoughts and experiences! I am a new RN working on a cardiac unit. Since I have been on this floor, I have observed and experienced... Read More

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    Quote from nicurn001
    Cardiacrn2006 I was not telling you what you should or should not do .I was simply drawing the obvious conclusion .Which is that if nurses are not prepared to take the risk of their predecessors , Nothing is going to change.

    You are unionized.

    I am not.

    Did you read my thread earlier where I said I would be fired on the spot if I mentioned the word "union"
    Did you read my thread earlier where I said we were laying people off?

    Do you have a mortgage? I do. And my house is worth waaaay less than what I paid for it. I could NOT sell it right now.

    I like making my mortgage. I like being able to pay my bills.

    Unemployement is not really what I want right now. Yeah, I'm really not looking for that kind of 'change' . No thanks...
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    I wish somebody, anybody, could have been honest with me, when I was 18 years old and making the decision to become a nurse.
    You know what's sad? People DID tell me. Including my own grandmother, a retired VAMC nurse. I listened politely and thought, "Well, these people were surely in it for the wrong reasons! How can anyone be unhappy when they are truly helping sick people?" I decided that my moral character was higher than theirs and I would have a different experience.

    Young and dumb, friends. Young and dumb.
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    Yes, It is common. I have been an RN for more than 17 years.

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    Quote from cardiacrn2006
    you are unionized.
    yes guilty as charged , but we had to fight for it , going through 2 elections , to get it.

    i am not.obviously

    did you read my thread earlier where i said i would be fired on the spot if i mentioned the word "union"
    did you read my thread earlier where i said we were laying people off? i have read this whole thread , including all your posts

    do you have a mortgage? i do. and my house is worth waaaay less than what i paid for it. i could not sell it right now. i'm in the same boat

    i like making my mortgage. i like being able to pay my bills.

    unemployement is not really what i want right now. yeah, i'm really not looking for that kind of 'change' . no thanks...
    in these postings , we are both advocating our position , the op wanted to see if the lack of breaks is a common practice , i think it is well established in the thread that it is indeed a common practice . so then the question comes up should we accept this .

    where we differ is that you do not wish to risk anything to gain that which in common decency every nurse is entitled to , the ability to go to the restroom without fear it could cost her , her livelihood . i was involved in the organization drive at our hospital , whilst it was possible any of us could have lost our jobs , the benefits of sucess , have far outweighed the stress of that time .

    have you read the whole thread , as i said in post 67 " i haven't the temerity to tell you what to do , i meant simply to point out what you can do ."
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    please see below
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    I think that is ridiculous. It definately happens but shouldn't everyday. I definately have days that I cannot even go the the BR. It's terrible. And usually if I swipe missed meal it doesn't even show up in my paycheck. I just love it when some ppl (mostly smokers, no offense) who work 8 hrs compared to my 12, take a half hour brkfst, half hour lunch and then a 2pm cig. break. I work from 11a-11p and sometimes I dont get a break at all until about 9pm when my pts are settling down and meds are mostly finished I can run down to get a soda. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Really really irritates me.
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    Quote from ToxicShock
    This part about the monitors going off for 10 minutes while the other nurses stood around and did nothing shows me a very dangerous, unprofessional, and scary place to work - for employees and patients. That the manager didn't do anything about it is even scarier. With irresponsible nurses like that, it isn't any wonder why nurses are so frequently blamed for things that go wrong at the hospital.
    I'm finding this sort of thing is becoming pretty common apparantly in a lot of different places....
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    If I worked in an area where I was not allowed breaks, I would just grab my lunch and go around eating it while at the nurses station doing paperwork, drawing up meds etc. If any fellow staff complain I'd ask then if they would care to relieve me for lunch. If not, then I'm going to eat my lunch and look after my basic human needs so I can give SAFE patient care.

    Also another strategy is to go and do some research and print off some research papers on the impact of not getting meal breaks on giving safe patient care. Leave it on your managers desk, send it to the CEO of the hospital, other staff members. Bring it during staff meetings. Discuss with your fellow nurses how you can work together to relieve each other during breaks.

    And always claim an unpaid meal break. I didn't go through 3 years of nursing school have to do 18 weeks of fulltime unpaid work and a $ 12,000 higher education debt to work for free.
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    Thanks to everyone who posted a response to my original thread about the commonality of missing breaks as an RN. Quite honestly, I am disgusted at how it seems the profession of nursing is being treated out there in the real world. Almost every single person who responded to my thread expressed similar situations in finding it difficult to get breaks during 8 and 12 hour shifts. Personally speaking, I find that unacceptable. It makes sense that there would be occasional situations in which lunch was not possible due to work load or patient care situations. However, that should be the exception and certainly not the norm. I understand that we are in an economy that is experiencing a major recession and yes, I need to keep my job as well. However, I still think there is a right and wrong here and it seems obviously wrong to me that RNs should work under such conditions.

    I was struck by the comments made from those RNs who are unionized. It seems that this kind of treatment would be less tolerable in those type of environments. Interesting thought.

    Anyways, thanks to everyone who responded. I appreciate hearing the stories and knowing that it is not just where I is more prevalent than that!
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    The no break situation probably assisted in the easy decision I made in 2006 to move to quality improvement and now education. I make a couple thousand dollars less but I figure that evens out with ALL the breaks I didn't take in a year and all the stress on my health 12+ hour shifts without(or rare) BR breaks and just a quick granola bar so I wouldn't pass out from hunger-pretty even really. The stress I have now is pretty minimal-I readily admit this. Miss direct patient care but wouldn't go back unless this job gets downsized......


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