Night Shift

  1. Hey everyone! I have recently started my first travel nursing job and it's on nights (I was previously on days). How do you night shifters get used to being on nights? Any suggestions as to make the transition easier? I am struggling with being extremely tired on my days off, and I would appriciate any advice! Thanks!
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  3. by   KaringOne
    The driving home in the mornings after the night shift was extremely difficult for me. Sometimes I would get a 5 hour energy drink...Sometimes I just prayed. Ultimately, I found another job. Still working nights, but not as far a drive to/from my house.
  4. by   KaringOne
    Plus, I get plenty of sleep/rest when I am @ home.
  5. by   izziebi
    Cover your eyes with a sleeping mask. Turn on a fan or something that will drown out any noise that may wake you during the day.
    Best sources of energy is nourishing food and real fruit juice drinks that are made for energy. Cans of excessive stimulant drinks may cause arrhythmias and are not the best choice.

    Picking days to work best for your body clock is necessary. Some nurses state that working three days straight makes you so tired that there is no problem sleeping in the day. I work better working every other day. It is a safer drive home in the mornings.

  6. by   anzean_rn
    I have been working nights for almost one year now and I STILL struggle with it sometimes. I work 3 12-hour shifts per week, and I typically try to cluster these three nights together so that I can resume life as a "normal" person (haha) for the next few days that I have off after that. In between shifts I take an OTC sleep aid when I get home and use black out curtains to sleep better. At the end of that third shift I only allow myself to take a nap, then I force myself to stay awake the rest of the day, although I try to take it easy. I go to bed very early that first night off. Then day before I go in again I take a long nap. However, it is not always as simple as that - I cannot wait for the day where I have enough seniority to do day shift!
  7. by   TheCommuter
    I suppose it comes easier for me because I am naturally a night owl.

    I work 12-hour night shifts, from 6pm to 6:30am. I sleep from 10am until 5pm, because I can easily stay awake throughout the night if I sleep until right before the shift is to begin. I eat breakfast around 5:30pm, lunch at around 11:00pm, and a light 'dinner' when I arrive home in the morning.

    I stop drinking caffeinated products at 3:00am because they'll interfere with my ability to fall asleep in the morning.
  8. by   KarmaWiseRaven
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  9. by   herowneulogy
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  10. by   PhillyBSN
    I absolutely love night shift. Its funny because i cant function on dayshift. My body wont allow me to. But I usually have a cup of coffee prior or in the middle of my 12hr shift and I am usually smooth selling. How do you like the travel nursing job? I am highly considering travel nursing this summer
  11. by   TheCareerStudent
    I love working nights but it is hard on me too for the first few weeks. What I do is make sure that on my days off I am living the schedule I work, but I don't have kids so it is easy for me. I also do what was mentioned above with the fan and eye covers or those light blocking curtains are great. I drink a lot of coffee but after a few weeks I get in the swing of things. The one thing I despise is going back and forth between days and nights. I will never be able to do that again!
  12. by   nurse2033
    Blackout curtains are extremely important, run a fan, or use ear plugs. I also find that if you are tired all night, your body will fight it, then you will get a wind and have trouble sleeping. I'm a big supporter of lots of caffeine during the shift so you feel awake, then when you lie down, your body isn't fighting it.
  13. by   Patchouli
    i work nights as well, and i also cluster them all together so that i am able to get more sleep. working nights does mean that it may take you longer to recover after your week ends. however, i love the night crew, wouldn't change them for anything. i think we complain less, work together better, and are far more humble than our day shift nurses at my hospital.
  14. by   bagladyrn
    I've worked nights for the last 28 years. I find the best strategy is to NOT completely "turn around" on my nights off.
    When I am off I go to bed about 4 am and get up about 11am so that I still have plenty of time to do things only available during business hours and to get together with friends.