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LadyTiger44 has 6 years experience.

I was currently working on an orthopedic/med surg floor in Naples, FL. I had just recently transferred back to cardiac telemetry, but recently decided to do travel nursing again. I also do charge RN. I absolutely love my job and always have a big smile on my face. I am living with my boyfriend Eric, and we have been together for 2 years. I used to do travel nursing, and just recently went back to that. I am currently in Tucson, AZ. Really loving this area

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  1. LadyTiger44

    Dedicate a Major Nursing Book to Your Favorite Nurse

    I'm sure it's too late, but if not feel free to email me. I am a nurse, and have a wonderful nurse I would love to submit that took care of my aunt who passed away when she was in the hospital. My email is ladytiger44@aol.com or just get ahold of me through here! If it is too late I can't wait to read it!!!
  2. I have been speaking to The College Network about going to Regis University for my ASN to MS. Anyone heard anything about this degree? Today I also spoke with Grand Canyon university about getting my BSN. I would only need 10 classes, and be done in under a year. Any thoughts? I am still waiting to speak with University of Arizona about the ASN to MS degree and also with University of Cincinnati. I would ultimately like to get my ARNP degree. Any thoughts? Anyone attended any of these schools?
  3. LadyTiger44

    Anyone traveling to Naples, FL, soon?

    I am in Naples now! Which hospital are you working at? I only have a one bedroom, so I don't need a roommate, but maybe we could hang out. PM me!
  4. LadyTiger44

    Any input on tavel nursing compaines??American mobile?

    I am currently on my 3rd assignment with American Mobile. I decided to go with them after talking to a few companies because I love my recruiter. They do not pay the best, but offer great housing. Any problems I have had have been quickly resolved. Good luck!
  5. LadyTiger44

    Saudia Arabia

    Anyone traveled to Saudia Arabia? I am thinking about doing that and would love to hear from someone who has been there. Thanks!
  6. LadyTiger44

    Housing Issues

    Has anyone ever had an issue with housing? I talked to my recruiter and was all set up to move into my apt tomorrow. Well apparentlly the RN who is there now is saying she can't get a flight out until Friday and is refusing to leave. Is this possible? My recruiter said she was breaking the rules but there was nothing they could do. So, I'm probably gonna be in a hotel again for the 3rd night. I am SO mad about it! I have boxes and a package coming to the apt on tomorrow/Friday. Any suggestions? I told my recruiter that if they couldn't get me into that apt then they need to move me to a different one. I don't see y they can't make this person leave and put her in a hotel. It's total bs!
  7. LadyTiger44

    Connecticut/New England

    I am traveling alone with my dog. I am not sure how far Hartford is from Stamford but I would love to get together!
  8. LadyTiger44

    Connecticut/New England

    Anyone in the Connecticut/New England area? I am going to be working at Greenwich Hospital and living in Stamford. I would love to hang and meet some new people/fellow travelers if anyone is in the area! I want to explore New England, so I would love to go to different cities! Tiffany
  9. LadyTiger44

    nursing in the Pacific

    Never heard of it but that sounds really amazing!
  10. LadyTiger44

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    Must depend on the area like others are saying. I worked in a magnet hospital in IN and have my ADN. They hire both. And I am doing travel nursing now and not having a problem finding new contracts. I agree with the other posters that working in a hospital does help after you become a RN if you are able to get a job like that. I never was, and didn't have a problem getting hired with my ADN.
  11. I am a travel nurse and I'm trying to decide where I should go next. I have just interviewed with 2 hospitals, and I am trying to decide which one to go with. One is Greenwich hosiptal in Greenwich, CT. It is on a cardiac PCU unit, pt ratio 6:1, and this is where I was stumped. If they are high acuity pts I don't think that would be very safe. Anyone ever worked at this hospital? The other is Yale New Haven Hospital. It is also for a cardiac PCU ratio 3/4:1, which sounds better to me. It is 2 12hr day shifts and 2 8hr evening 3-1130. I am kinda iffy about working 4 days a week... Has anyone ever worked this shift? Or at this hospital? Any advice is appriceated!
  12. LadyTiger44

    Naples, FL

    Anyone in Naples, FL? I am starting a travel nursing contract on January 10 to May 28, and I would love to make some new friends before I get there! I love spending time with family and friends, reading, shopping, going to the beach, painting, drawing, watching movies, and just having fun! I want to explore the sunshine state while I am there, so I will be traveling around seeing new places :)
  13. LadyTiger44

    Helpful Tips for the Nurse Traveler

    Hi. I am new to travel nursing and I was wondering what all some of you bring and how do you get it to the destination you are going to? Any suggestions would be great! I am thinking I am going to pack everything and ship it fed ex, except for my suitcase, tv, and dog.
  14. LadyTiger44

    What's your story? Why did you take up nursing?

    I actually never wanted to be a nurse. Always wanted to be an art teacher, and thought I had a weak stomach. After I graduated I decided to take one semester off from school. My mom ended up getting really sick. Had a hernia operation and after they did that her wounds started opening up. Ended up having 3 surgeries from July to the next April. After the second surgery 2 days later my Grandmother died. We were very very close, and it was unexpected. She died in her sleep. Mom was so sick that she could have died. I ended up taking care of her and then decided to go into nursing. So, that's how I got here! And I LOVE it!
  15. LadyTiger44

    Finally understand the Facebook no-no's

    I know how you feel. I lost my job b/c I was friends with someone from work and they took an issue to my manager. My patients that I keep in touch with and fellow workers were devestated and angry. Since this happened I deleted almost everyone I used to work with. I don't want them knowing anything about my life, or having more of a reason to be jealous of me. Be thankful you still have your job!
  16. Hi. I am new to travel nursing and I was wondering what all some of you bring and how do you get it to the destination you are going to? Any suggestions would be great!