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San Antonio Offer


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I got an estimate for a job in San Antonio. Wondered how it sounded:

Hourly: $18

OT: $36

M&I: $35

Housing: $406

Combined hourly: $36.03

Net take home bi-weekly: $2274

Extra shift incentive $125

It's at Methodist Health Systems. Anyone been here?

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You didn't mention travel allowance, insurance, or a completion bonus. Just on the numbers you provided, the PanTravelers calculator shows gross pay at $37.88. Most assignments gross between $40 and $50 using the calculator, so your compensation is well below average (even adding a likely $500 travel allowance would bump to just below the bottom of the normal range).

Extra shifts (disregarding the four hours to get to 40 hours) pay about $46 an hour which is better than a lot of agencies, but not exactly time and a half of your effective base rate of about $35 an hour, which would be around $52 an hour.

I've heard that San Antonio may pay lower than other areas of Texas, but this does seem low. Medsurg? Depending on your housing choices, you may not have a lot of discretionary money left over. Money is not the only consideration in picking an assignment of course.


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It's Tele. And that housing quote is weekly. Travel allowance of $688 at .50/mile.

I assumed your numbers to be weekly housing, and daily per diem. The travel brings gross pay up to $39.35, close enough to the bell curve of most assignments.


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Ok, cool. I was trying to get into Pan Travelers but waiting for a confirmation email.

Sending you a PM.


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Yes, but they are actually withdrawing me bc I told them that Parallon submitted me to some jobs. My recruiter was actually upset about it. I never knew it wld be a problem, I just thought you cldnt be submitted to the same job with different companies.