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  1. KaringOne

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    OK. Well, if none of the "higher ups" have come to u directly to discuss this situation, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Unfortunately there is always someone spreading rumors & lies about other people if for no other reason than to hear their own voice. Even if u are upset about it, don't give that person who is lying on u the advantage of knowing it by showing it. (Don't let em see u sweat:)). When someone talks about u, it means that they're thinking about u, u are on their mind. Chalk it up to jealousy. It just seems 2 me that this person is-what we like 2 commonly call these days-a Hater. Yep. And I do believe that the saying goes "Haters make me greater." So rise up from this. We all get talked about. For those who think that they don't, they just don't have bionic ears.
  2. KaringOne

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    What? I thought she said she wasn't having an affair with her boss...Did I miss something?
  3. KaringOne

    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    I have worked 8hr & 12hr shifts. I have even worked 16hr shifts before. There was even a time when I worked 40hrs a week full time with one job, worked 24hrs a week with my 2nd job, & went to school full time. It was very hard on me back then (but I had to do what I had to) & all I did was sleep on my off-time. Now I work 5 nights a week, 8 hour shifts. I tell you, working these 8hr shifts tires me out. I would much rather take three or four 12hr shifts a week than work five 8hr shifts any day.
  4. KaringOne

    whinny nurses

    And some of us probably wouldn't even have a job!
  5. KaringOne

    Medical Staffing Agency Opinion?

    I think you should try the staffing agency. Depending on who they have their contracts with, you could gain a great deal of experience working with agency as a CNA. Many times, they get hospital contracts too. So it would depend on the staffing agency & the contracts that they have & how much work that they have available.
  6. KaringOne

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    Well, I'm an LPN bridging to RN. Two & a half years ago, I left Northern MO to come to TN (for familial reasons)...I never had a problem finding a job as an LPN while in MO. I wondered if being an RN would be different. I'm hearing (from some RNs that I work with) that they are having some difficulty trying to find work in TN/ I mean, for an RN to work @ my job (working with people with developmental/physical disabilities from their homes) an RN receives the same pay as a LPN. I enjoy living in TN for the most part, but I will relocate if I have to once I get my RN & find that I cannot find descent work. That's why I placed this post. Just looking @ my options.
  7. KaringOne

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    Oh, bummer. I don't think I'm the person who will like "roughing it". Nope, not my thing. But it sounds like it could be an adventure for someone. Perhaps there is another state...?
  8. KaringOne

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    North Dakota...I guess I could sort of understand that. Don't they have really harsh winters, maybe alot of forests, trees...wildlife?
  9. KaringOne

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a list of states ranked by nursing shortages? I saw this question on another post, but the information was outdated. Thanks for any replies.
  10. KaringOne

    A Nurse CAN be both sexy & smart

    Sexy doesn't necessarily have to be the clothes you wear or your outward appearance. There are many qualities that can be sexy...intelligence & a caring attitude being 2...doing your job & knowing the rationales behind everything that you do is another...If it oozes out @ the workplace, then I'm not mad @ ya. I don't see anything wrong with it. To quote a saying that I once heard, "I don't hate, I appreciate!" Kudos to all of you sexy nurses out there with the brains & know how to back it all up. :yeah: "If the light that's shining on me is too bright...get some shades"
  11. I knew CPR. From being a female I knew the basics such as "You are supposed to wipe front-to-back". Don't laugh.. You have no idea how many people actually do not know this!
  12. KaringOne

    Person-centered approach

    I have worked in Alzheimer's & dementia units many times before. While I sort of agree with your point of view on this issue, I can also understand their side too. With the facility wanting to let these typical patients have more "freedom" there are many ways to make the facility safer for these patients. I've worked with pts. that liked to escape out of windows-well there are laser-like window alarms that they could use to help prevent this. There are red laser-like bands that are situated outside the windows & go off if a pt. tries to escape out the window. They could also have an alarm system/keypad code on all of the exits that would allow staff/the public easy access but make it difficult for the pts. to get out (and at the same time, make it easy for people to evacuate in case off emergency). They could put a fence outside with an alarm sensor for when the pts want to sit outside on the patio & "catch some rays" -just make sure there is supervisory staff in this area when the pt is outside. They would have to have keypads on the doors to the areas where the pt is not allowed (med closets, laundry closets, housekeeping, etc). There are those things called Wanderbracelets that you put on wandering pts that will go off if they go near an exit or somewhere they're not supposed to be. They can get security cameras placed @ all the exits to watch for "escapees" etc. Since these pts have an increased risk of falls there are also special floors that can be put down that would make serious injuries less likely if the pt were to fall. (I can't remember exactly what it was but there are some floor designs that make pts like these be @ an increased risk for falls). All of these gadgets can be monitored @ the Nurses' Station & if an alarm goes off there is a wall setup that will show exactly where it is located, etc., so staff can get to the area in record time. Finally, the staff would just have to be more diligent & make sure they're not leaving unnecessary items laying around for the pts to get into. If they incorporate some of these methods, the pts would be safer & further integrated into the everyday goings on of the facility, (like bingo, music therapy, pet therapy, church or just interacting with other patients etc.) improving their quality of life. Whew! I hope this helps you out.
  13. KaringOne

    night workers- how do you keep a normal routine/life?

    When I work nights (11p-7a, 5 days a week) I go work out @ the gym after seeing my kids off to school in the morning-from 8:30AM-10:30AM, then I go home & sleep till 4:30PM (If there's no errands I have to do). I then get up, interact with my hubby, kids, help with homework, etc. I get another nap in about 8:30pm-10:00pm, then it's off to work. I don't usually work weekends so that's my cooking time. During the week, the hubby cooks or my children cook for themselves. My children are 7, 12, & 16 & are pretty self-sufficient. They can cook their own meals, wash their own clothes, & clean up after themselves (Yes, Mommy taught them well). If there is a homework issue & Mommy or Daddy is busy, they all get together & get it figured out (The internet is a wonderful thing). :)
  14. KaringOne

    Are LPN's being phased out?

  15. KaringOne

    Get through it without laughing - dare ya

    I'm sorry, but I don't get it & I've watched it twice. Is it his speech impediment? Is that what's supposed to be funny? Oh well, to each his/her own-I guess.