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KaringOne has 8 years experience and specializes in GERIATRICS,HOSPICE,MENTAL/PHYS DISABILED.


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  1. KaringOne

    Nurse charged with murder over care home fire

    Here's more: http://www.news.com.au/national/hero-or-villian-alleged-nursing-home-firestarter-stays-to-help/story-e6frfkvr-1226200193379 Tragic story....
  2. KaringOne

    Are you doing fecal transplants very often?

    I found this interesting. A modified form of fecal bacteriotherapy (Autologous Restoration of Gastrointestinal Flora - ARGF) that is safer, more effective, and easier to administer is being developed.[3] An autologous faecal sample, provided by the patient before medical treatment, is stored in a refrigerator. Should the patient subsequently develop C. difficile, the sample is extracted with saline and filtered. The filtrate is freeze-dried and the resulting solid enclosed in enteric-coated capsules. Administration of the capsules will restore the patient's own colonic flora and combat C. difficile. This procedure will avoid the hazards of standard FB, where infection from the donor could be transmitted to the patient and the requirement to deliver faecal samples into the duodenum via a nasal probe. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_bacteriotherapy This would be way better than having to use a donor sample.
  3. KaringOne

    If I see one more post titled....

    These replies are too funny! Thank you for giving me the 1st good laughs I've had all week! My family members are looking @ me like I'm crazy, I'm laughing so hard! (Ooh my side hurts, my side-in my Donkey voice)
  4. KaringOne

    Question about strep throat

    Thanks for your reply, but really, I was just curious. If u look @ my personal info you will see that I am not new to allnurses & that I have been a nurse for awhile...it was just something I had never heard of, something new, so I put the question out there to see what my friends here @ allnurses think. Nothing more, nothing less. I thought that was allowed? But again, thank you for your reply.
  5. KaringOne

    Question about strep throat

    No one in my family has it. Like I said, I was just curious. Since I've been in nursing, I've encountered the fruity smell of ketoacidosis, the smell that you get when someone has c-diff, the smell of death or near death etc. I overheard someone talking about this so I just put this question out there.
  6. KaringOne

    Question about strep throat

    When a person gets strep throat does it have a smell? If so, what kind of smell is it? Is it different from a "bad-breath" smell? Just curious....
  7. KaringOne

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    OK. Well, if none of the "higher ups" have come to u directly to discuss this situation, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Unfortunately there is always someone spreading rumors & lies about other people if for no other reason than to hear their own voice. Even if u are upset about it, don't give that person who is lying on u the advantage of knowing it by showing it. (Don't let em see u sweat:)). When someone talks about u, it means that they're thinking about u, u are on their mind. Chalk it up to jealousy. It just seems 2 me that this person is-what we like 2 commonly call these days-a Hater. Yep. And I do believe that the saying goes "Haters make me greater." So rise up from this. We all get talked about. For those who think that they don't, they just don't have bionic ears.
  8. KaringOne

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    What? I thought she said she wasn't having an affair with her boss...Did I miss something?
  9. KaringOne

    Where did you hear that?

    Poor girl(she just didn't know no better,bless her little heart!) It's still very funny though.
  10. KaringOne

    Where did you hear that?

    Lol! :lol2:
  11. KaringOne

    ER doc describes Joplin tornado, aftermath

    Wow, that was amazing what he & others did to help those who were hurt. I can't imagine what everyone went through & the courage that it took to go on despite enduring those devastating circumstances. My heart & prayers go out to everyone & all the families. Great article.
  12. KaringOne

    Debate: 8-hour shifts vs. 12-hour shifts

    I have worked 8hr & 12hr shifts. I have even worked 16hr shifts before. There was even a time when I worked 40hrs a week full time with one job, worked 24hrs a week with my 2nd job, & went to school full time. It was very hard on me back then (but I had to do what I had to) & all I did was sleep on my off-time. Now I work 5 nights a week, 8 hour shifts. I tell you, working these 8hr shifts tires me out. I would much rather take three or four 12hr shifts a week than work five 8hr shifts any day.
  13. KaringOne

    whinny nurses

    And some of us probably wouldn't even have a job!
  14. KaringOne

    Medical Staffing Agency Opinion?

    I think you should try the staffing agency. Depending on who they have their contracts with, you could gain a great deal of experience working with agency as a CNA. Many times, they get hospital contracts too. So it would depend on the staffing agency & the contracts that they have & how much work that they have available.
  15. KaringOne

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    Well, I'm an LPN bridging to RN. Two & a half years ago, I left Northern MO to come to TN (for familial reasons)...I never had a problem finding a job as an LPN while in MO. I wondered if being an RN would be different. I'm hearing (from some RNs that I work with) that they are having some difficulty trying to find work in TN/ I mean, for an RN to work @ my job (working with people with developmental/physical disabilities from their homes) an RN receives the same pay as a LPN. I enjoy living in TN for the most part, but I will relocate if I have to once I get my RN & find that I cannot find descent work. That's why I placed this post. Just looking @ my options.
  16. KaringOne

    States with Real Nursing Shortages?

    Oh, bummer. I don't think I'm the person who will like "roughing it". Nope, not my thing. But it sounds like it could be an adventure for someone. Perhaps there is another state...?

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