New hospital gown design

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    Hospital debuts patient gown with more coverage

    Henry Ford hospital has a new patient gown that aims to offer a little more style, comfort and - perhaps most importantly - rear coverage for patients.

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    The best gown that I have had to wear had 3 arm holes. Put your arms through 2 of them, then bring the other one around the backside. It provided full coverage with no ties and had snaps at the shoulders to accommodate for IV's. It worked great!!! Now there would be an issue for obese patients but that will happen with any gown.

    Right now, at the hospital I am doing clinicals at.... I have had the patients put on 2 gowns. One with the ties in the back tied, then other with the ties in the from not tied. It's kinda like wearing a house coat. Our male patients don't seem to care too much about flapping in the breeze but our women normally want more coverage. (could just be our hospital (VA hospital))
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    Hospital gowns whilst they are a necessity are extremely ugly
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    PHM I too have done the "robe and gown" option. I do think this gown looks not so bad!
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    Thanks for sharing. A former professor of mine also has a team working on redesigning the hospital gown. I'll have to pass this along to her.
    Closing the Gap on New Gown :: North Carolina State University Bulletin
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    Comfy Style: Henry Ford Health System Unveils New Patient Gown (w/video)

    This gave me a better understanding of its construction. I was especially concerned about easy of removal with IVs but this video reveals a bit more.

    Love it, love it.
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    I actually wouldn't mind those making their way to my hospital. Might save us on laundry too since we use 2 for every patient anyways, doing what PalmHarborMom does.
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    Quote from NRSKarenRN
    Henry Ford hospital has a new patient gown.... perhaps most importantly - rear coverage for patients.
    YEAH! Is it disposable too? Actually I cannot wait to see changes like this across the spectrum. It will reduce the number of mooning incidents by those who are not alert enough to care.

    Also, it just dawned on me that one day we will be nurses who report to younger nurses that we used to have to hold the back of the gowns closed while steading the patient with one hand as we carried everything else to include pushing the IV poles with medications and pumps in the other. Just working as a nurse as technology improves is making us older!
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    Seems ok for ambulatory patients, but how would it work for bed-bound patients?
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    I do see the gown posted being an issue for incontinent/ bed bound patients. It is much easier to clean up a soiled patient if their gown is not underneath them. But then again, those are not the patients that have an issue with the back being open so there would still be a need for the open back gowns.
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