Need to vent...being volunteered by someone else to do overtime...WHAT?!

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    So for the second weekend in a row, the NM at the HH agency where I work basically volunteers MY services to do the early morning shift on Sundays. This is besides the fact that I already work M-F 8-5. She gets the owner to call me and say that they really need me to go because someone called in sick. That the NM said she would go in from 3-7pm if *I* went in from 7-3. "You don't need to go in, but we REALLY need you to go." I mean, come on. When the owner of the company you work for says that, can you even say no?

    Ok, end rant...

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    yes you can.
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    "I'm sorry, but I'm not available."
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    I understand, but I see how many resumes for nurses come in the office, nurses desperate for work. I am kind of reluctant to blow them off when someone would give their first born child to get a job in this economy...
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    Well I guess its a good thing to feel valued enough that they would suggest you. Of course with that being said, there is a thing called burn out and you can't say yes all the time, despite all of those other nurses out there looking for work.
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    I would love to think that it was about my nursing skills being valued. If only I knew that it wasn't just because they are completely stuck and none of the field staff can go. And since we are only 2 Rns and one LPN in the office, my NM being the other RN, there isnt much of an option for them.
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    Well, I agree with Hiddencat except I'd leave out the "I'm sorry" part. I never apologize for other people's presumptions. I would not answer my phone for those calls, for one thing. I really do not understand why people feel compelled to answer the phone on their off hours. When they catch you in person, I'd just say, "No, I'm not interested in any additional hours right now." Do not explain, do not make excuses. Just say no. That's it. Anything else, and it falls on you, not on anyone else.
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    I get where you are coming from! I'd feel bad too! However, it is the owners business and if he won't hire a PRN or on call nurse, it's not your problem! Say no twice, yes once, no twice, yes once....etc
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    Caller ID I never answer my phone if I don't want extra hours.
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    Sounds like they need more staff. Why not hire some prns from those stacks of resumes? Til you start saying no there's not much motivation to do so since the schedule is getting filled.
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