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need ideas for nights off

  1. 1 ok so I've just started working night shift and I don't know what to on my nights off. I need a hobby or something that will fill the hrs between 12am-6am. Any suggestions??????
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    Are there any gyms near you where you could get fit, go swimming and do weights? There is a 24 hour gym near me (I don't use that one though), also you could do yoga/pilates at home with DVDs or at classes too.
    I used to paint and draw what about doing that?
    It all depends on what ur into and what you like, I suppose.
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    I work 3 night shifts in a row so I can get back to a day routine on my days off. Is that an option for you? The gym is a good idea.
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    One word: Netflix.
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    Knitting, movies, cleaning, baking.

    Allnurses and Netflix

    If you are game, a rural walk under the stars is wonderful at night. Especially if you have a dog.
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    I work this same shift, and it is very hard to find things to do on your nights off. I found myself going to the 24 hour walmart WAY too much...and spending WAY too much.
    I do search the web alot...( and I go to several other nursing websites as well. I do alot of my shopping online now. I have recently gotten into cage design for my snake cages..that keeps me occupied when there is really nothing else to do. Just my two cents..
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    So,, you're gonna stay on a MN schedule on your nights off? Good idea. I've been adhering to a MN schedule on my nights off for about 8 years now. It's great. I even get lost when I go out in the daylight. There are SO many people out there!

    The Internet (and especially runs 24 hours a day. As does Wal-Mart, Quick Trip, Schnuck's, and Steak N Shake. During the warm months, I'll bicycle at night with a suit and helmet full of reflectors and lights. I also pursue my Art.

    I even painted a mural at the local community Theatre on my nights off last year. No one was there to distract me from my work. It was great.

    Good luck to you in your endeavor,

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    Walmart, A 24 hour gym is great as well. Pogo or any online game site is good. Writing emails to friends, Nursing sites or maybe even online school. When it's warm i go on Motorcycle rides. Painting or something crafty. Also human contact is good ( if you know what i mean ) These are my thoughts use them as you wish
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    As a general rule- I'd listen to the gym, walking and biking suggestions more than the Netflix and junk food suggestions.
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    I learned how to knit and crochet as a child. I make booties/hats etc. for babies in NICUs via charity crafting websites, I do "hand work" on my quilting so the machine doesn't wake up the whole house. I also have a NOOK, and it's the best money I ever spent. I'm also pursing my next degree online; you can go to class around the clock. What's hard is not doing anything noisy, but you can get an amazing stuff done when the phone's not ringing!
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    Three words: World of Warcraft! Yes I am a nerd.
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    Aside from the gym, Walmart, and cleaning(which would probably be my first choice, btw) I know that there are other options. Check out this site to see all the places in your area that are open 24 hours. I hope you're able to find something fun!
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    Quote from casi
    Three words: World of Warcraft! Yes I am a nerd.
    Haha. Call of Duty here!
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