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My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital - page 5

I've been asked the same question by members of, real-life coworkers, and even some of my own family members: "Why aren't you interested in working at a major hospital?" My... Read More

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    I can echo the same comments. I worked in L&D right after graduating from nursing school because I felt I needed the acute hospital experience. For the past 9 years I have been a PHN and LOVE it -would NEVER go back to hospital nursing. I am currently a RN manager for a public health/family planning clinic and finishing my Masters in Nursing with focus in PH. "Real" nurses don't just work in hospitals.
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    Thank you so much for this article. I always enjoy hearing from you!! I am a second career nurse who realized in my last semester of nursing school that acute care just wasn't for me. It was almost impossible for new grad ADNs to get hospital jobs here where I live anyway, so I was very lucky to get a job in corrections, which I really loved. Currently I am working PRN in corrections and PDN for a special-needs child. What a great variety, huh? Not as much money as I could possibly make if I had gotten that acute care experience, but I recently told a friend that at my stage of life I wanted work that enhanced my life, not shortened it. I know that acute care would drive me (or God forbid, someone else!!) to an early grave. If I was younger I know I would have wanted that acute care experience and I felt really bad about missing out on it for a while. Just recently though I realized I have grown into being a confident, competent nurse in my own specialties and possibly even have strengths that the nurses being run ragged in the hospital haven't had a chance to develop. Thanks again for your article.
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    0 a GN with a valid RN license, uninterested in hospital work...where do I find an employer? It seems that "golden year" for floor nursing if not 2 is the ticket to moving out of the acute care setting and into a specialty.
    Even wound care centers want nurses with at least 2 years so it seems from the job listings I've read.
    I want the oppertunity to assess patients and provide care but the nurse to patient ratios combined with the pace of the hospital setting is not conducive to me and I don't think it's really safe for the patient or my license.
    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    I'm very interested in PH...but that floor experience...can I get into PH without acute care setting experience?
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    I've been a nurse for 10 years Always working Med. Surg. & Acute care settings. I must say I do understand where you are coming from after reading your article & respect your honesty about your feelings for this type of nursing. It does not make you less of a nurse & you are SO right about the fact that nurseing does not take place only in the walls of a acute care setting. You are so right about what you said & do NOT let anyone make you feel less just because your not into adrenaline rush settings. Me personally , I do not like routine & I work so much better stressed & under pressure. I"ve floated in hospitals all of my nursing career & that is what I love. Always different & never knowing what I'm walking into. Constantly learning & experiencing new & different things & people. It is definitely my calling & I truly love it & this type work is not work to me , it is such a joy. We are all different & the medical field requires many different people & personalities for all that is has to offer. You are just as important as us adreniline junkies !