More ignorance. Any wonder the public is confused!

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    The ignorance evident in this article is just staggering to me. No wonder the general public is confused.

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    Wow. Really, "Karla"? Really?
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    Perhaps Karla would let me do her taxes this year. I'm pretty good at math. I think I'll call myself an Accountant, yeah.
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    Oh my!
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    She may be s------ when she asks for that job descripton, and it requires an RN.
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    And now — unless patient welfare is at stake, or you’re being asked to do something illegal —

    ....liiiiiiike practice nursing without a license?....Karla?
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    The person never really says what her job is. She could be an office manager in a doctor's office that oversees both clinincal and non clinical staff. I've worked in a few doc's office where the manager was not a nurse. The thing that bothers me is that she says she has the same skills as an RN. Unless she went to an accredited nursing school and is licensed in her state, she does not possess the skills. This Karla chick, whoever she is, might want to have advised the questioner that working as an RN without a license is a crime. Honestly, the whole thing offended me.
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    Huh. That whole article was weird.
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    Um, I'm pretty sure that if her job title is "RN unit manager" and she's not a RN, she is committing a crime. Period.
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    Also, it's pretty insulting that she applied for a RN position saying, "I'm not a nurse, but I have all the skills needed for the job." No, no you do not. And how about Karla calling a RN licence "some irrelevant qualification" Really?

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