Moms who work 16 hour weekend shifts

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    I am due with my first baby in June. The facility that I work at offers an option to work 16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday and have the rest of the week off. They usually offer premiums for these positions, and you are considered a full-time employee.

    To those of you who are moms and work these shifts, how do you like it? Is 16 hours too long of a stretch to be away from your little one? What kind of premium do you get at your facility?

    I would appreciate any input...I know my facility offers these positions, but I don't think they have any available at the moment. I know other facilities in my area that have openings though.

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    I'm taking a weekend position job, but I only have to work 24 hours over the weekend (2 12 hour shifts). I get about a 55% differential, so make slightly more committing to the weekends than I would make working 36 hours weekly. It's considered a PT position though, so I am eligible for the benefits PT workers get. I get insurance through DH though so I don't need the benefits. I'm due with a new baby as well and the set schedule and shorter hours will definitely help with child care when the baby comes.

    16 hour shifts would kill me I think, lol.
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    i worked the baylor position - (2) 12 hr shifts and got paid for 36 hrs...
    with ft benefits.
    however, i have done 16 hr shifts...they're pretty brutal and don't know if i could do 2 consecutively.
    i used to do double shifts every wed and sun, but never 2 in a row.
    it also helped that my husband was home to care for our kids.

    there are pros and cons to whatever you decide.
    make a list and eval it on paper.

    best of luck with your decision.

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    I've never done it but had a friend that did 11p to 3p for a few years. She said the night part was easiest. If you have adequate help that allows you to rest...I think it will be fine.
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    Might be something to consider when your baby is a bit older....or even no longer a baby. Breastfeeding is an obvious consideration for time away, and frankly I don't know too many new moms who would be happy with not being with their babies for what amounts to two full days/nights straight.

    Life will look different after you deliver
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    Who will be minding the baby while you are gone? Will they be up for the workload?
    A 16 hour day is just 16 hours of work. It doesn't include commute time, getting to work a little early in case of traffic, and having to stay late sometimes.
    My 12 hour shift has a door-to-door time of 13.5-14 hours.
    Is the person who will be taking care of your baby up for long hours without relief? Are there other resources like grandparents who can share the load?
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    dont forget , you will have to sleep between those shifts. You wont be ableto spend any time with baby, and any delay will make you lose even more time to sleep.

    Not to mention, can you imagine the friday before your shift and baby decides tio stay up ALL night and you get NO sleep, and have to go in for a 16 hour shift?Wow, that would suck!! That would be one torturous shift. Not to mention you wont be able to make up for sleep for basically another24 hours or more.

    If it was the 12's that others have mentioned, fine, but 16's ? I dont think its a good idea.
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    Not clear are we speaking of two 8s...8 hours Saturday and 8 on sunday? I did PRN didn't like the nights and my child was almost 1 yr old at the time but the money was good. It worked because hubby would be with the baby so when I came in I could sleep. I wish to God I had that here in VA because I would do it in a heartbeat and we now have a 3rd daughter who is now 10 months and I nurse...It would be great!
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    Quote from MochaRN424
    Not clear are we speaking of two 8s...8 hours Saturday and 8 on sunday?
    Those would be 8 hour shifts. The OP is asking about 16 hour shifts.
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    All the things that you all are mentioning are definite concerns, like being away from baby for 16+ hours for those two days. Plus I know I would probably feel like a zombie on weekends because I would have to be to work by 7am, have a 35 minute commute and then get home about midnight-I would have virtually no time to sleep, and I would still have to tend to baby no matter how tired I am. I was just looking at the aspect of having 5 days off during the week to be able to spend with my little one...I don't know, it's alot to think about.

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