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The other night at work I had an order to give a patient a milk and molasses enema. Having never done this before and only heard in nursing school that they used to be given I asked the other nurses about it. No one had really... Read More

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    Quote from suzanne4
    This has been used for probably more than 100 years, it has been around at least since my grandmother was a little girl.

    This was used before any of these companies made the newer it is 100% natural..........
    If it been used for more than 100 years and is still used. I would call it evidence based.:chuckle
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    Wondered if warm milk and molasses mixed and drank instead of given anally could be just as effective???
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    I have given this type of enema in the UK in the early 90's. Where it is know as warm milk and black treacle. Remember it as being most effective.

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    Quote from MamaTheNurse
    I haven't given one since Moses wore short pants but they did/do work great and before the poop smell started, the warm milk and molasses mixture used to make the whole unit smell like my grandma's molasses cookies baking in the oven - yum!!!

    I'm an oldie but goodie, but never heard of this one! Whatever works!
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    Doesn't the molasses also have an osmotic effect and pull fluid into the bowel (similar to what a Fleets does)? I've seen Lactulose ordered for patients in nursing homes as a laxative. Seems taking molasses orally would have the same effect except that it would be pretty hard on the digestion because of the high sugar content.
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    Quote from Monica RN,BSN
    Wondered if warm milk and molasses mixed and drank instead of given anally could be just as effective???
    I would think not, this would help the patient go to sleep though Tryptophan and sugar are the magic combination sometimes!

    The milk and molasses probably work because the sugars in the milk and molasses cannot be or are not easily absorbed by your colon (but they would be easily absorbed by your small intestines if you drank the mixture). The milk might also provide a barrier (as someone mentioned before) keeping the sugar in the molasses from being absorbed by the colon. It then works as an osmotic type laxative. The same as lactulose and sorbitol. I believe these can be taken orally because the sugar in these products can not be absorbed by your body, so it makes it past the small intestines intact where it can go to work on the lower regions.

    I've given lactulose enemas to many hepatic encephalopathy patients and let me tell you WHOA! First, I learned to pad the whole bed from head to toe and then I learned to pad all around the bed on the floor also!
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    Quote from suebird3
    Not exactly something I would consider while doing the enema. I am sure it beats the "3 H" enema, anyday.
    talk about "old school" THAT brings back memories for me!
    Triple H Enema: High Hot and Helluvalot
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    Quote from nrskarenrn
    milk and molasses works as mild stimulant to stimulate bowel peristalsis, evacuate stool and is easy on the bowel lining.

    see prior post on subject:

    for those patients whose hard stool is just beyond the reach of your glove,and you don't have a sse bag or rectal tube available. attach a 18 fr or larger foley to end of a fleets enema bottle, lubricate well with water soluble gel, insert tube with rotating motion up past stool as high as it will reach. administer enema up high, try to keep the patient side-lying for 15 min, expect great results.

    brown cow = m+m = milk and molasses enema

    warm 8oz milk in pan on stove or microwave 1 min. mix in 8 oz molasses. allow mixture to cool to room temp (test on inside of forearm).
    once cooled, add to enema bag and your ready to go.

    swear too that brear rabbit superior to grandma's molasses as has higher darkstrap molasses content. :chuckle

    see diane k. newman, rnc, msn, crnp, faan incontinence nurse practitioners article for good info:

    wouldn't a coffee enema work just as well but less messy?
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    Quote from VeryPlainJane
    Wouldn't a Coffee Enema work just as well but less messy?
    Makes you wonder doesn't it, have given it also and it does work! Appears also to be less uncomfortable then the typical SSE. Wonder if a coffee enema would keep the patient from sleeping!!:chuckle
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    I wonder if the M&M emena is making a come-back I've only been a nurse for a year and have given 2, also know of a few others that have been given?? But if this is the case they better start stocking us with molasses it's tough to find at 2am when dietary is closed

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