military time?

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    I've been a nurse 18 years and have worked for 2 hospitals and 2 agencies, and military time has always been standard. My current agency says we can no longer use military time! And the director said that many places are getting away from military time. Is this accurate? Do you use military time where you work? It seems strange to me not to use military time...To me there is less chance of time confusion with military time.

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    What? No military time?! This is new to me. What time of agency is this?
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    We have always used military time. I can't imagine not doing so. As far as I know, no plans to change it.
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    At one facility I work for militray time is standard accross the board, at the other however it is not. I had sent a lab specimen timed for 16:00 and it was returned for "incorrect" time. I was shocked to say the least.
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    I would feel lost if I couldnt use military time!
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    So now all of the timing interpretation will depend on how clearly one writes "am" or "pm"...or I guess more specifically "a" or "p"?
    Nope...I'd bet a days pay that it will never happen...if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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    I received my medical training in the military so of course I think military time should be the standard. Furthermore, other countries use military time as the standard. There are good reasons why the military and so many other countries use military time. Unfortunately, there are those who, imo, fail to see the big picture, and would rather have a large number of people change to an inferior standard, because of confusion caused by a few who instead of giving it a try would rather dismiss it as too difficult to learn. IMO, if you cannot learn military time, how in the world are you going to perform dosage calculation or anything else that might require a lot more memory and processing power.
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    sounds suspicious. As in...someone in a suit has too much time (pun intended) on their hands and too little sense in their heads. Just my two cents.
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    I just started a new job, and they dont use military time, WHY??? Because some employees dont know how to use.........
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    Yes, we use military time where I work.
    As your post seems dangerous not to!!!

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