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Even as a beginning nurse, I get tons of questions from family, friends, and people I barely know! "Do you think this is infected?" ''Should I go to get this checked out?" "Can you take a look at... Read More

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    Depends on who is asking. If it's immediate family I give them my opinion and tell them to go see their doctor. Everyone else I tell them to go see their doctor.

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    I always know whats coming when I hear "You're a nurse......" I hate it! I have even been on a campout with a large group and been hammered with that question. One woman I vaguely knew was in her tent on a very very hot day wanted me to stay with her because she was too hot. I told her to go the ER and see a doc. I wasn't there to babysit someone who refused to drink a bottle of water! I was there to play. Now the minute I hear the dreaded "You're a nurse" ....I say you have cancer see a doc! I have a tendency to get rude. but I do tell them to go to ER if they think they need emergency help.

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