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Neuro Guy NP has 11 years experience as a DNP, PhD, APRN and specializes in Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care.

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  1. Medical School Faculty Appointment

    I've held an appointment at a medical school. Taught lecture in the classroom and also clinical teaching as well. It was very fun experience, but I was the only nurse faculty member. I taught in the same fashion as physician faculty in the phase 1 pa...
  2. New York and Kansas

    No, there are 26 U.S. states with FPA PLUS certain U.S. overseas territories with FPA as well. I think that's what you're thinking of with the higher number. Guam is an FPA territory and maybe Northern Mariana Islands I don't think Puerto Rico and A...
  3. Will ENP become a primary certification?

    There are ENP programs at certain schools. They're often labeled 'FNP in Emergency Care' program, though sometimes dual FNP/ACNP. Either way you have dedicated ED rotations plus either family med rotations or ACNP rotations if a dual ACNP program. Ru...
  4. ACUTE CARE NP and private practice

    Yep. People need to familiarize themselves with the consensus model.
  5. NP Fellowships

    I can't help but notice you are posting multiple questions that revolve around the same topics. I think you and I have conversed before about fellowships too. I'd suggest you just do some research on this site and elsewhere. This and several of your ...
  6. Legally, Can I mix RN/NP roles?

    Agree this is absurd. Don't even think about it. And how confusing it must be for fellow staff RNs who can't keep straight what role you're performing in, and now throw in being an RN and NP in same day! Nonsense. Agree with another poster, go get an...
  7. Nurse Practitioner

    Been discussed here multiple times. Do some research by searching the site and you'll find plenty of answers.
  8. How to educate spouse about what I do as an NP?

    I suppose the OP could just start criticizing the wife when she comes home complaining about coworker "xyz" did at the office. What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander...... ? of course that may not end well for the OP. But seriously s...
  9. FNP: Transferring states question

    It's $888 as of this renewal cycle ?
  10. Acute Care NPs in California, NEED ADVICE.

    I'd say precept with whomever holds the appropriate work experience and willingness to precept. Of course you can do a rotation with a physician. That should never be a question. As for others, keep in mind that ACNPs make up only about 7% or so of t...
  11. NJ APRN license

    They take a long time. Trust me, I know as I'm also licensed there. It's a chronically understaffed board, from the board members themselves (several vacancies) down to lack of administrative staff. It doesn't help that when you call you aren't actua...
  12. AGACNP- new grad- starting in hospice?

    It would seem to me that marketability might suffer a bit starting in Hospice. Your skills and knowledge managing acute medical issues and working them up will atrophy because your focus in hospice isn't aggressive medical care, "just" promotion of c...
  13. Surgical NPs—Progress Note question adding attending?

    Depends in hospital bylaws, which usually covers this. It also depends on whether you're credentialed to bill and if the hospital wants to collect 100% by having the surgeon write an addendum documenting his participation in the patient's care. Other...
  14. Hi Neuro Guy,

    I read one of your post from February on the topic of NP mills. You were saying how someone applied for an NP Program that wanted to work full-time and you felt she was not ready for NP school.  You mentioned that you were a professor, so I thought I would ask you a question that I have been pondering on.  Here is my situation......I was a diploma RN for 11 years in preoperative services.  I have two sons, ages 10 & 13 with Autism, so I had to stop working to take care of them and advocate in a terrible school system in Louisiana.  I moved to Texas 2 yrs ago for a better education for them.  They are thriving, so I decided I would go back to get my BSN.  I graduate in August.  I have known for the last several years that when I returned to work, I wanted to do peds psychiatric nursing.   Years of advocating for my sons, advocating for children with disabilities and mental health at the legislative level, and running a support group for parents of children with disabilities has made me realize the need for better mental healthcare.  I do not have any psych nursing experience, and I have only worked PRN in an office setting just to keep my license active over the last 10 yrs.  I have a 4.0 for my BSN courses, and a 3.4 (I think) from nursing school.  I want to do a PMHNP program, but not sure how much nursing experience in the field of psych plays in acceptance into programs.  I am trying to decide if I apply now or if it's necessary that I wait a year or so and go to work for experience?  I do not plan to work while in school as I want to be able to focus on school and clinical.  (I am 46, so not a Spring chicken).  Any feedback is welcomed.  Thanks! 

    1. Neuro Guy NP

      Neuro Guy NP, DNP, PhD, APRN

      Hi there,

      It may be a good idea to get some psych nursing experience. It would be worth touching base with Jules A, a psychic NP on here who could give you more advice, esp since psych and it's market are not my expertise.

    2. SBHolmes

      SBHolmes, BSN

      Thank you.  I appreciate your response.  I will see if I can locate Jules.  Have a good evening. 

  15. How do we prevent Nurse Practitioners from undervaluing themselves?

    But this is for an internship right, not a regular staff NP job?

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