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Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care
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Neuro Guy NP has 7 years experience as a DNP, PhD, APRN and specializes in Vascular Neurology and Neurocritical Care.

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  1. Neuro Guy NP

    Question about hospital privileges

    It sounds like you just need to keep it moving. I predict that even if they agree to help, you'll find out rather quickly that this job isn't for you. I sense major red flags so I suggest you spare yourself the misery and look elsewhere. As they say, "nothing good can come from this".
  2. Neuro Guy NP

    Question about hospital privileges

    Generally, if you're a hospital employee, they should have their medical staff office walk you through the process of getting privileges and go through the credentialing committee. If you're a private group seeing hospital patients, then the practice should be able to help you.
  3. Neuro Guy NP

    Return to the bedside

  4. Neuro Guy NP

    Psych Private Practice, What's Realistic?

    Not to be a Debbie downer here, but with the horse idea, definitely consider the liability of someone falling off a horse or getting injured. Mental health is not my specialty, but from what I remember some of these patients don't exactly relate to animals well, and if they spook any of the animals it seems that they might get kicked or otherwise injured. I would also be willing to bet that your standard malpractice policy from NSO probably would not cover something related to the addition of horses to your practice. Would you have someone who is a certified horse trainer teach clients how to properly ride the horse? Will there be a scenario in a malpractice case against you that you didn't provide the proper horse riding training and/or aren't certified to do that? This sounds like a cool idea, but I'd think it through very carefully before diving into that.
  5. Neuro Guy NP

    PhD nurses educating DNP students

    So I'm writing this mostly to start a friendly debate, but also because it may end up helpful for my academic position, since I teach in both medical and nursing schools and the university is tentatively thinking of creating a DNP program. There are a lot of questions from folks wondering if a DNP, Ph.D, or EdD is right for them given that the focus is different. Larger universities sometimes only place nurse faculty with PhD into the tenure track "since they're the only ones qualified ". I know other faculty who think something along these lines/are stuck up about non-research doctorates. Furthermore, many times, those teaching in DNP programs are often PhD prepared nurses. Question: given the difference in focus been the PhD and DNP, what makes the PhD prepared faculty qualified to teach DNP students, since their work is so heavily research, not evidence based? I'm of the opinion that DNP faculty should be DNP prepared nurses, not PhD nurses, who aren't focused on the translation of research into practice. I don't think they can really relate, especially since they've likely never been in a role that would require performance of practice change projects. I'm a fan of faculty practicing what they preach. The thinking that PhD nurses are prepared to teach everything is somewhat like the old school thinking that FNP allows you to practice wherever, including the acute care environment. Thoughts?
  6. Neuro Guy NP

    NP Employment Contract. I WANT TO LEAVE!

    And on another point, I don't care if you do manage to resolve things with this physician professionally, I would leave this employment quickly! Any employer that can't handle basic legal matters and expectations such a standardized procedures for employed nurse practitioners cannot be trusted to follow other aspects of the law, and most likely would throw you under the bus if any legal issues were to arise out of this or any other matters. That is just lack of professionalism.
  7. Neuro Guy NP

    NP Employment Contract. I WANT TO LEAVE!

    Exactly. Consult a nurse attorney. They not only specialize in issues related to nurses and NPs, but this also includes the business aspect too. I'm obviously not an attorney, but that attorney will likely tell you the whole contract is null and void since it runs afoul of the law mandating the existence of standardized procedures. Perhaps you might even argue that the legal jeopardy in which you're placed resulta in damages to YOU, thus flipping the contracts language on the employer . Long story short, I think you'll be fine if you consult an attorney. If you have malpractice insurance, AND I HOPE you do, this will be covered by the policy. They might pay upfront, or expect you to pay the attorney and then subsequently reimburse you when you submit his bill. But either way it is covered.
  8. Neuro Guy NP

    Liability issues

    When you made that blanket statement.
  9. Neuro Guy NP

    Liability issues

    Remember there are 50 U.S jurisdictions plus the territories, so it's not cut and dry /one size fits all. That may be true where you live, and might not be true in the next state over.
  10. Neuro Guy NP

    Ophthalmology NP

    So the OP was concerned that ophthalmology would be out of the scope of practice for an FNP - a non-surgical opportunity - but then took a surgical position with a spine surgeon...... There's a disconnect here.
  11. Neuro Guy NP

    Liability issues

    Yeah I don't buy the highest licensure thing either, not if you're not practicing in that role. Was talking to a colleague who's a nurse attorney specializing in defending RNs and NPs before the BON and lawsuits and it's not a legal theory she's encountered in her 10 years of legal practice, at least in our jurisdiction.
  12. Neuro Guy NP

    Any NPs have scribes?

    I have in the past. I enjoyed it as it made me that much more efficient. Usually they do have medical terminology experience if not some patient care experience too, as most young scribes are looking to apply to medical or PA school. Besides, they write exactly what you tell them and use the templates you created.
  13. Neuro Guy NP

    Drexel DNP or Capella EdD

    Drexel. Used to be a professor there, so the quality is good. You can be Faculty with a DNP. I find that those universities that snub DNPs for positions might not always be so generous with EdD either. But both are very good degrees. A benefit of the EdD is the potential to learn formal pedagogy, unless it's an education administration focused program.
  14. Wish I could help, but CA has different laws. Over here, professionals cannot incorporate in the same way as other businesses but instead must form P.C.s which are different in many ways from the "Inc." companies. Hope somebody can help you.
  15. Consult an attorney, maybe even a nurse attorney. Look at the American Association of Nurse Attorneys for a listing of such attorneys in your area who are knowledgeable about NP practice issues in CA.
  16. Neuro Guy NP

    ACNP vs FNP: My Summarization of the Great Debate

    I don't dispute that at all. I'm just saying we're already seeing evidence of a paradigm shift with the development of the ENP and FNP/ACNP combo. How long it will take to see the culmination of this development is anyone's guess.