LPN without a GED?

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    Hi, I had a discussion with my mom about her becoming a LPN. She has worked at some nursing homes/hospitals for about 20 years and shes thinking about becoming a LPN. Unfortunately she does not have a HS diploma and doesn't want to take the GED test. Are there schools that will accept my mom? Thanks

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    I think it depends on the school. Maybe try stating with a community college. There are many classes to help prep for a GED I know where I live the local High school offers the GEd pre-test and prep classes for free. I honestly think that a GED may be a minimum requirement to apply.
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    I am almost certain that all community colleges require at least a GED. It would probably help her because nursing programs require skills/prerequisites that she would probably have to study for her GED anyways.
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    She really needs to get her GED. Nursing school is hard enough, and without a general diploma... I'm not sure if she'll even get through the prereqs. Not saying that she's not a smart lady, but a GED will give her an advantage.
    Maybe a vocational school will accept her.
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    I think she would have to have at least a GED...she should call some school to find out for sure
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    i'm pretty sure any school will require a minimal of a GED or HS diploma equivalent for admission.

    i have a GED. i did it in one day, it was a 8 or 9 hour ordeal, and it wasn't that bad. it's very worth it for her to go ahead and get it anyways, even if she doesn't go into nursing.

    i wish you and your mom the best
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    I am in a vocational school program and you must have a minimum of a GED. Why would she "not want to take the GED test"?? LPN school is not easy. It is college level work. You have to be ready to take LOTS of tests, write reports, analyze journals etc. The admission test is minimum high school requirements. Testing is part of it. A BIG part of it!
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    Not only does the school require you to have a diploma or GED (Florida doesn't issue GED's anymore, you take the test and receive a diploma) some BON require you to have it also.

    If she doesn't want to go to school to take the GED there are places that will send you the course work at home or you can do it online and receive your diploma. I did it through the mail and my sister did it online. We both joke about living in the same state our entire lives but having diplomas from another (mine is Illinois and her is Georgia).
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    You cannot go technical school, community college or through an 11 month LPN program without a GED. You also have to take a nursing entrance exam for any LPN program. A person cannot go into a program of "higher learning" without a GED. Even most fast food places require a GED now if you wish to be employed.

    If your mom is worried about being older than the other students, tell her not to sweat it. People of all ages decide to get their GED. She will do fine! I hope she pursues her dream. Someone with as much experience as she has in LTC will do great. Tell her to contact program she is looking at for her LPN. They can point her in the right direction to obtain her GED first! Good luck to her.
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    I think perhaps to better answer your question one would have to know what state your mom lives in. I did my LPN in Wi and yes, the minimum was having a GED. There were a few in my class who had taken their GED's in their 30's and 40"s then entered the program. They surprised themselves at how well they did. My best friend always use to tell me she was dumber than dirt and had not done well in highschool even though she had graduated. I convinced her when she was 36 to go back to school. She now has her masters degree in Nursing I am very proud of her.
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