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  1. Advanced Pathophysiology course

    Rivier University has one Rivier University - Acalog ACMSâ„¢[27]=BIO&filter[29]=504&filter[32]=1&cpage=1&cur_cat_oid=98&catoid=98&navoid=1467&search_database=Filter&filter[exact_match]=1&print=1&expand=1
  2. List of level IV NICU's

    Here is the AAP's breakdown of the Level of Neonatal Care it might help with understanding the differences of III and IV Levels of Neonatal Care
  3. Communicating with Doctors on 3rd shift

    In my agency I email the house supervisor overnight with any non-emergency changes needed. I usually also CC the clinical coordinator, the case manager and the daytime nurses if I have their e-mail addresses
  4. Comfortable shoes?

    I really liked the Dansko Marcelle and Marah Mary Jane style clogs, before that I used to wear Nike walking sneakers. They seem to have stopped making them and I am having a hard time finding something new that I like
  5. There is less family interactions on nights, particularly if your facility has designated visiting hours but pace usually isn't any slower and you might have a larger patient load than during day shift. Maybe look into an out-patient ambulatory care ...
  6. Iv Certification Courses?

    If you go to the NH BON they have a list of the accepted sites for certification
  7. Faith4ce~ I would not do it then if I were you. Personally I 110% believe you need a good year under your belt of dialysis before you should be completely alone. Yeah when you are in the ICU you have the ICU staff round but more than likely you are...
  8. Dialysis as a weight loss plan-she's nuts!

    OK this is dangerous and a pt can not force you to remove more fluid. I don't understand why you don't just set the goal for the Rx EDW. "Kids" said it right above, I think you are failing to see that you could be charged with malpractice for removi...
  9. Honestly, wow you are luck to have found a chronic unit only open 3 days a week and less busy than a Med/Surge unit that is not the norm around here at lest. @Faith4ce~ Honestly the majority of acute dialysis is very slow and low key and boring, bu...
  10. Constantly rejected from OB...

    Next month will be 3 years as an RN for me (I've been doing dialysis with fresenius in all shapes and forms) and I still have not been able to get into L&D or any obstetrics nursing. And not for lack of trying, ugh. I currently have application...
  11. incontinent NH pts

    In theory that sounds super but in reality that would be crazy dangerous. Just becuase someone is incontinent doesn't mean that their not all "swapping Bugs". Besides it does not touch the danger of moving them around while hooked up with needles o...
  12. Feeding patients

    I'm with TraumasRUS. Why do people asume it's sad because we think we are too good? That is not the issue at all it's a huge safety issue. Just because some one is not a regular crasher doesn't mean that today isn't going to be the day that their ...
  13. Oxygen dependant patients

    WOW, if O2 concentrators are a luxury why do we bother to have AED's?
  14. incontinent NH pts

    TravelerRN...WOW you have a lot of requirements for a good day...LOL....I guesss I've only had a handful of good days.
  15. Anyone working for FMC annoyed by this?

    It had come up from some of the techs @ our unit before and we also had a few people who'd been around for a while who gave the same warnings. No one has approached me and I'm not all that gung-hoe to be organizing. I'm a very hard worker and there...