Liquid Stool - Orange

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    in clinicals today; needed stool sample from a pt w/ n/v/abd pain; labwork, xray unremarkable. it seriously was bright orange and liquid. can't find much info in my textbooks or on the web. never seen nor heard of it. any ideas? pt already had gallbladder out, appy. thanks!

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    Is the person taking Rifampin for TB? That is known for turning secretions and stools red, but I don't remember anything about making it liquid.
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    Do you know what meds they were on?
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    Not on rifampin. morphine/zofran prn, NS, protonix, solumedrol IV. Home meds - paxil, nexium, micardia HCT. Hx asthma w/prn albuterol.
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    Also, had they eaten anything that was orange? Was it mucusy at all...did it have a strong/strange odor? My first thought was C-diff or some strange bacteria dude...
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    I have seen urine bright orange but not often seen stool that color. Sometimes people with kidney failure and conditions like pancreatitis secrete some weird stuff in their stool and urine. I would guess it was something he ate, meds he had taken, or some disease process that caused a breakdown of proteins and or enzymes in his stool. But still, very weird!

    Oh and the orange urine was on a guy going through DT's from ETOH withdrawl.....
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    Liver failure? Kayexelate?
    (this is not my specialty, btw. I'm just shaking the cobwebs off to throw out ideas!)
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    Sounds like the patient is on Alli or Xenical....
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    The only thing I know of that would make orange liquid stool is someone taking Xenical for weight loss and then eating alot of fat. The orange liquid would be oily.

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