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    Just curious if anyone ever read a post on allnurses.com where someone was venting, and you've wondered if that post was about you?
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    No, thankfully. I don't think my coworkers even know about this site. I work in a small hospital and have never heard it referenced.

    Do I need a bowl of popcorn for this thread?
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    LOL...I'm very sure I have caused a vent or too in my time but I doubt it was on here!
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    Haha, no, but i have often wondered if some of other posts could be read by their coworkers... only because it would be so easy for some people to figure out where you are by the information you give in your post!

    Has anybody here been confronted by a coworker because of this site?! I would like to know the answer to that, too!
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    I once read a post here by someone I recognized as more than likely to be someone I once worked with. Not only did she use her real first name for a screen name, (a very unusual name), the post sounded like her to a T. Exactly the way she would complain about others. I looked forward to reading her rants. But for some reason, she never posted again. Too bad for me. Lost out on potential entertainment.
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    Ha! I'm sure I've caused a rant or two.......what's life without a little spice!
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    No, I'm just too darn nice...
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    I hate it when people describe everything in details , It is so easy to find out who you are( co-workers are not dumb). It's not like everybody makes the same errors. I am 100 percent sure there are 0 posts about me.
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    Ditto on the popcorn....
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    I get the feeling this post is about me :| It might be because I am so vain though.
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