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I am so frustrated by some coworkers' attitudes about incident reports. Why can't they understand that I am NOT being "mean" and "writing people up"? To me, it is writing up an incident or problem in hopes that it can be... Read More

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    Quote from beeker

    I guess I am wondering how many times you have written people up. Have you spoken to the offenders? Is it the same person you are writing up?
    I thought OP was clear about who and why she wrote people up. As charge I write more incident reports than average too, mostly at the request of my supervisor or a physician. Whenever that is the case I start the incident report with "this variance is being written at the request of Dr. Who." One thing I am tired of dealing with is IV tubing changes. I'm tired of playing IV Tubing Detective and wondering if this un-labeled tubing was changed last night and not labeled, brought up on admission and has never been changed, etc. Wastes my time and the hospital's money and I'm going to start writing them up, it's not like it will go against a particular nurse. Once when I went to look at the room charges on an unlabeled tubing, I discovered that this person hadn't been charged out new tubing since admission (9 days). The patient also stated no one had ever changed her tubing except for me. The best part was that she also had TPN running. Yum!
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    To redheadNurse - you sound like my kind of nurse! I usually start out as the IV Princess; then I become the IV Police: the I become the IV Gestapo!!! Unlabelled IV tubings and PICC drsgs not chg'd per facilty P&P set me off on a warpath. Keep up the vigilance!
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