I'm presenting at a national conference!!! Help!

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    In addition to my work as a staff RN, I do research into all things night shift related. My MSN capstone is being published later this year in a peer-reviewed journal. (I cannot believe I just typed that sentence )

    Anyway, I have submitted several abstracts to national conferences - and I actually got accepted to the Nursing Management Congress, 2013 in Chicago next month! It's a poster presentation, and, while i realize I will not be speaking to the group, I will be able to put myself and my research 'out there' to a much wider audience.

    Any of you who are experienced in this sort of thing- I beg your advice. Anything you can share will help me. Wardrobe, protocol, networking tips - anything!

    I am a night shift nurse. Scrubs are my 'professional attire', and blue jeans on my day off. How dressed up should I be, and how much is too much?

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    Dress professionally, but with very comfy shoes; you'll be on your feet for a loooooongggg time - LOL. Nice slacks & blouse are fine. Have a light jacket handy - it conveys a more 'authoritarian' appearance.

    Be sure to have a lot of copies of your abstract - with your contact information - as handouts for people who view your poster. Take some business cards also - it's a great opportunity to network. Talk to your organization's marketing department & your nurse recruiter.. it is very positive publicity so they may have some fun trinkets that you can give away. This has been OK with the Nursing Congress folks in the past & attendees love them. The meeting organizers will have specific information for you - times you must be in attendance, do's and dont's, etc.

    Have fun! I love me some Chi-town.
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    Thanks! I contacted the coordinator- the projected attendance is 800-900. How many copies of the abstract should I bring?
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    Congratulations on getting published, the capstone and presenting!

    Business casual is appropriate. Wish I could tell you more but I've always been on the audience side of any conference I've gone to--I haven't presented or published anything...yet.
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    How cool is that!!! That them I said hi! Congratulations!!!
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    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Thanks! I contacted the coordinator- the projected attendance is 800-900. How many copies of the abstract should I bring?
    Before I begin : how many pages is it?

    Copies now a day are around 10 cents. If that many are attending you should have between 75-250 Minimum. If your abstract is not to long. You could have at least between 100-250 . If it too long then keep it between 50- 75.

    We don't want you spending too much now do we?
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    I'd contact the conference, and seek guidance.

    You'll be doing a PowerPoint presentation, or what? How many will really, really want a copy?

    Do the presentation, maybe provide a handout, and supply a link or email address so people can request the full data if they want it.
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    Depending on where you go to school, the Print Shop there (if they have one) may be able to print your poster. I learned that the hard way when I had to print my poster for my Masters. I paid Office Depot a small fortune and later found out the Print Shop at school would have done it for free. I took copies for the projected number of attendees, and I think one-third took copies. Have fun!
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    I asked this question of the clinical specialist group and they seemed to indicate that I should make 11 x 14 copies of my actual poster. Does this sound right?

    I am only doing a poster presentation (I stand by my displayed poster during designated times and discuss it with anyone who happens by). I think I could make the copies at work as my employer is paying my expenses as part of Shared Governance.

    I finished the actual poster last night during some downtime- and need to get it uploaded to allsigns.com. Need to change out the Magnet logo for the 2013 version is all the tweaking remaining.

    Thank you all SO MUCH for your input. This new chapter in my professional life is exhilarating and confusing/ anxiety provoking to me all at the same time. I am so incredibly grateful to be supported by my hospital in this venture. When I got the acceptance email, I was really dismayed by the substantial cost. My husband and I have two kids in college, and my chances looked pretty grim. I emailed the VP for nursing, and asked if I could just send my poster up with someone who was planning to attend. She emailed me back immediately (at night) saying the hospital would pick up the tab!!
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    Nice! When I was in grad school I presented an essay at a conference (a lit conference). It was nerve-wracking, but makes you feel so good to know that your research is worth something Congrats! My advice for you would be, if possible, make small copies of your poster to hand out but only if you can still read the content. Be sure to include where your article will be published so that attendees will be able to look it up. Ditto to professional wear with cozy shoes. Also, do not drink too much caffeine beforehand as it may make you even more nervous. The good thing about presenting a poster is that you get lots of one-on-one time to network- you never know who you will meet. Good luck and have FUN!
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