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In my Intro to Nursing classes, we are learning by leaps and bounds about: professionalism, ethics, private life no-no's, and all sorts of eye-opening topics that must be addressed when you consider the importance of nursing as a... Read More

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    Just because I am paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!!!!!!!

    :-< :-) hi Mario and all

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    I'm glad to see your picture back.
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    There are some strange, twisted and evil people out there--as well as just plumb crazy ones!

    My 8 year old son listened to a phone message from some lunatic who screamed my name and my husband's name and threated to kill us both. Turns out he was a nutcase relative of one of my former patients, who read my namebadge, fantasized a 'relationship' with me and decided my husband was in the way. Our family was severely traumatized by this stalker and I don't reveal my last name on my namebadge anymore.

    Let's be careful out there, it's a crazy world. We mustn't be naive...

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