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    So there is a longer version of this story, but I will try to shorten it

    So for the last couple of months I have been working my behind off to try to get into an ADN program in Pensacola for the fall of 2010. Unfortanetly, I was told I didn't get in for Fall, but that I got in for Spring of 2011. So I decided I would continue working and take some more classes. I currently live about 3 hours from Pensacola, so I decided that I would try and get into my local Community COllege that is a little more competative than Pensacola Junior College. Well, duing this time my Fiance applied and got into fireschool, here, and will start in July. My application for my local college for the Spring is not due until September. So--My Fiance and I moved back in with my parents (until Decemeber) to save some money for the wedding.

    Well this morning PJC calls me and tells me that I am in for the FALL, that some peolpe did not accept there position there, so more spots opened up! So now, I am thinking do I go to Pensacola for semester by myself, while my Fiancee is in Fire school here? Do I quit my job here and commit to moving away from everyone here? Or do I stay here for another semester see if I get into my local school--and save some money for the wedding?? Sorry, I know it's kinda a confussing story. Any advice would help. Oh, and I have to tell them by JUNE 7...

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    I would stay and try to get into your local school. Unless of course you're willing to drive 3 hours to school and back. I think moving is not a very good option. I know how badly you want to get into a program. But everything happens for a reason. Ultimately the decision is yours.
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    is it going to be hard and cost you alot to move there by yourself? can you tell them you'd like to stay with in the spring class since you've already made arrangments? will your fiance be done with fire school by then?? sounds like either way you are going to have to move out there by yourself for a while at least while he's in school right? so i guess decline and ask to be kept in the class starting in the spring and apply for the fall or spring program at the college close to home incase you could get in there instead??
    did that make any sense??
    : )
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    Yes, makes great sense. I think that is what I will do. Would rather stay here for school, then to move away from my family at this time. My fiances family is there, but I think by staying we can save money. It just stinks because before they told me about not getting in for Fall-- we had all these plans to move. But I guess everything does happen for a reason Hopefully I can get into my local school...
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    good luck!
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    Aside from everything else, rethink your wedding plans. The 'wedding' is not as nearly important as the marriage. You are already living together; save your money for a downpayment on a house, or your moving expenses.

    As for school, I agree with the idea of asking the Pensacola people if you can start in the spring.

    Best wishes!
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    Have you spoken with a counselor at your local school. Although they can't tell you for sure if you will or won't get accepted, they have a pretty good idea (knowing the requirements, the competitiveness, waiting list, etc.). If you haven't done this already it may help you make a more educated decision. Whatever you decide, good luck
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    I'd be careful about turning down an acceptance, though...because there's no guarantee you'll get one again.
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    hey if it were me I would jump to take to position for the fall and not wait to see if you get into another school. I know it will be away from your family, but in order to get into nursing you gotta do what you gotta do.
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    I would definitely think long and hard about turning down an acceptance. They don't come about every day and you have no guarantee that the local school would accept you. I would try to get a postponement to the spring class if that would make things easier on you.
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