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RaeRae1997 has 13 years experience and specializes in CICU, radiology, psych.

Wanted to be a nurse since I was 4 years old. Work at PCMH in CICU a large teaching hospital. I love teaching new nurses cause I want lots of smart caring nurses available when I retire.

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  1. RaeRae1997

    Apical Pulse Rate

    I've seen patient's with HR 100 on monitor, but having bigemny PVC's. When I palpated radial pulse I only got 50 because they were not perfusing the PVC's.
  2. RaeRae1997

    Vent about work

    Hope you can find something better.
  3. RaeRae1997

    RN On-call car plates/sign on cars

    I think if you have one of those vanity type RN plates your just asking for someone to suddenly cut in front of you so you can cover their, "Owe my neck hurts" when you bump their rear. Lots of people think nurses are loaded.
  4. RaeRae1997

    First nightshift down

    I worked nights for many years I totally agree with this comment, except Melatonin worked best for me. I guess everybody's body reacts different to meds. I also tried to work all my nights in a row to keep a certain schedule for as many days in a row as possible. GOOD LUCK. Also know those who have been around a long time and work day shift now, LOOOOOVE you for working nights so we don't have to.
  5. RaeRae1997

    Pt fainted on me while standing up

    You thought fast and acted fast. Way to go! You also learned an important lesson that most nurses don't know till it happens. Everybody in the hospital or having a procedure is a fall risk (some obviously more than others). Just keep it in the back of your mind and you'll always be ready in the future. I'm sure a lot of my patient's think I'm a worrier cause I always make pt. sit up on side of bed for 5 minutes before getting up. Once they stand I make them stand for a few minutes beside the bed, that way if they start to get dizzy or faint I can push them back toward the bed. I also use gait belts, so I can keep a good hold on them and control any fall without hurting myself or them. Yes, I'm a worrier but I always liked that boy scout motto about being prepared. I've found the times bad things have occurred I didn't follow that "be prepared" motto and ended up getting burned. I also try to ask my patient's who are allowed oob if I can help them to the BR frequently, that way hopefully I can prevent a sudden immediate urge to get there fast. By the way I fell out one time at the dentist, I wish someone would have been fast on their feet like you were, cause I ended up with a big knot on the head and horrible headache.
  6. RaeRae1997

    What professional Websites do you use?

  7. RaeRae1997

    hippa violation?

    Most places have a written policy on that matter. Look for yours and follow it. I would think yes this would be a HIPPA issue without written or verbal permission.
  8. RaeRae1997

    Return to work early after surgery

    Take care of yourself first. Get well. It seems very inappropriate for her to even ask you this.
  9. RaeRae1997

    IV Placement on Deaf Child

    This makes me so sad. I don't work with children, to hear about one being traumatized like that rips my heart. I've only taken care of one deaf person and never had to think of this issue because we didn't use restraints. I'll be aware to never put an IV in a deaf person's hand, I'd just never really had thought about it d/t not taking care of many deaf patient's. Thank you for sharing this so we can all be more aware in these instances. I feel so sorry for the child and family. If it were my kid I'd be fighting mad.
  10. We put all our vent patient's on peptic ulcer meds to decrease incidence of VAP.
  11. RaeRae1997

    I need some Advice... and quick!

    I made a decision somewhat like yours. I was going to my local community college working on a 2 year AS degree while I was on the waiting list for ADN program, which at the time took forever. So by the semester I was to graduate with my AS degree, they accepted me for the fall semester in ADN program. I had a nice boyfriend at the time I had been dating for a year. I also had applied to several BSN programs d/t taking so long to get into ADN program. I had got accepted to BSN program, 4 hours away from where I currently lived. I had to decide, do I want to stay here, do 2 year ADN program or move 4 hours away and do 2 1/2 years and have a BSN when I'm done. I really didn't consider the guy I was dating at the time. I just went for the BSN. I figured we'd keep seeing each other on weekends or whenever we could. He didn't see it that way. He said he didn't want to see me again. I was broken hearted at the time but soon figured out if he was really important to me I would have made that decision based on his needs as well. All ended good because I met and married my husband of 16 years and got the BSN from the school that was 4 hours away. All I'm really trying to say is what is your fiance saying about this? Also put your mind in the future, say your lying in your death bed. When your looking back over your life what do you envision would be your most important memories and let that guide you. I wish you the best. Even if your dream of being an RN is delayed a little you could still obtain that goal.
  12. RaeRae1997

    two people for hoyer lift-why?

    I'm glad to hear your there for your team members and advocate a safe environment. Now that your one of the most experienced staff everyone will look to you for guidance and it sounds like they have a great resource. Just be careful with considering family members assistants, if something went wrong and they got injured, your workplace would have a huge risk management disaster. They are not trained CNA's, RN's, or LPN's nor are they employee's and that would probably be a lawyers first but not only thing he or she would come up with.
  13. RaeRae1997

    two people for hoyer lift-why?

    I so agree. If it can happen, it will. (eventually)
  14. RaeRae1997

    I got a job

  15. RaeRae1997

    CNA position vs. Patient Representative

    I agree. Plus you would be putting your BS degree to good use. But anyway you can get your foot in the door and it works with your schedule is a good thing. Sending you good luck wishes.:tinkbll:
  16. RaeRae1997

    Unit sec/Ward clerk while in NS.. Anyone?

    Sounds like your a hard worker. That's always a valuable asset. I think whatever you can do to get and keep your foot in the door and prove what a resource you are will increase your value to the company and chances of getting the RN position you want in the future.

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